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Reboot – 1967 E-Type 2+2 – Restoration 2.0

My last article regarding my 1967 Etype 2+2 coupe was entitled “It’s Done!“. It has been 5 years since I wrote that article. I have enjoyed the car in that time, it is a real beauty. That said, I am fortunate to have recently retired from my career in nuclear power and, as has been … Continue reading

67 E-Type 2+2 – Coming Out of Mothballs

I am embarrassed to admit that my 1967 E-Type 2+2 hasn’t received much attention in the last few years. There are several reasons for that. The main issue is that my Porsche 928 is such a pleasant car to drive that it has become my go to car. My wife likes it better because it … Continue reading

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