1963 E-Type FHC

This part of my blog is dedicated to my 1963 FHC. I found this car via the want ads in the Charlotte Observer. The previous owner was quite interesting. He had a warehouse in Charlotte filled with 80 odd British cars. His favored mark was the Triumph. He initially told me the car was a “kit” car. I thought maybe he meant it was a fiberglass body on a VW chassis. What he meant was the car was disassembled and in boxes. A “kit” waiting to be put back together. Upon inspection, I found the body to be in primer and rust free. That alone made the purchase worthwhile to me. So I bought the car, which came in multiple parts and boxes. The only work I did initially was to sand down the exterior body shell to bare metal and brush on some new primer. There is absolutely no rust, which will be a welcome change from my previous project, the 1967 2+2. Follow along with this project by clicking on the link below.



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