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White Etype Restoration

1967 Etype 2+2 – Fall 2019 Progress Report

I haven’t had much progress to report on since June. In my “lack of progress defense”, I spent 3 weeks on my Half Lap trip with my Porsche 944 track car, including another month getting ready for that trip. I spent another 6 weeks very busy with work activities. So work on the 2+2 was sporadic. But finally some things are coming together.

Quite a bit of work has been completed on the bonnet. I posted a major article about fitment of the bonnet here.  That seemed to take an inordinate amount of time. Another major accomplishment was completion of the closed headlights, discussed in detail here. Plus a lot of time was spent fiddling with the front bumpers and wiring of electrical items on the bonnet.

Wiring at bulkhead. Note sugarscoop is already staged in the cavity for later insertion.

I installed the front windshield yesterday. I have bad memories of windshield installations that went badly. In the great scheme of things, this one went pretty well. I suspect my bad memory of my first windshield installation was due to the fact that the windshield gasket was not exactly the correct shape for the car. This time I bought a new gasket from SNG and it fit perfectly. In the past, I have lubricated the gasket. Although this helps with the installation of the glass, I feel that it may be detrimental to getting the chrome trim pieces installed. You really need the gasket to be sticky so as to hold the trim pieces in place. So overall, I left the gasket unlubricated and found that the trim pieces were managable as a result.

One tool you absolutely need is as shown in the photo. It installs the “locking strip” into the groove in the gasket. You would never be able to do this part of the job without it.

Before I installed the windshield and the dash cover, I spent quite a bit of time making sure all the electrics worked, as this would be the last time that I had easy access to the wiring in the dash. Everything was confirmed to be in working order except for the radio. The radio at this point is 15 year old technology. I decided to let it just be an object to fill a hole in the dash, since at this point all my music resides on my phone, which I listen to via earbuds.

At this point, the front exterior of the car is looking rather complete. There are still a bunch of small details to attend to but final completion is drawing closer.

Not the best lighting for photos but you can get the idea.



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