Misc Jaguar Technical Articles

Following are links to a series of Technical Articles about the Jaguar XK engine that I have written for the Carolina Jaguar Club Litter Box.

Article 1 – Troubleshooting Your XK Engine

Article 2 – Checking the Cam Timing

Article 3 – Setting Cam Tappet Clearances

Article 4 – Checking the Spark Ignition System

Article 5 – The Distributor

Article 6 – The Distributor Advance Mechanism

Article 7 – Adjusting the Carburetors

Article 8 – Checking Corner Weights

Article 9 – Refurbishing and Etype Door Hinge

Article 10 – John Farrell Auto Parts

Article 11 – E-Type Wiper Motor Theory and Operation

Click here for more Jaguar Technical Articles



3 thoughts on “Misc Jaguar Technical Articles

  1. I noticed on The Jag forum you were working an a E-type interior removal document.I an currently restoring a 1971 coupe series2 and would be interested in a copy if available. doncook_1@hotmail.com

    Thanks Don.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 22, 2011, 3:42 pm
  2. I’ve just taken the rear hatch off my E-Type Series 3 FHC….I found that the two hinges both seem to be worn, with a lot of movement. Can these be refurbished? Or must I buy new ones? And if so, do you know who stocks new ones? Best regards, Alan

    Posted by Alan George | September 29, 2012, 7:41 pm

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