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1986 Porsche 928 – Winter Maintenance

I had really been concentrating my efforts in 2021 on the restoration of my 1963 Jaguar Etype. See here. But as cold weather set in around Christmas, I decided to retreat to a heated garage where I could perform some much needed maintenance on my Porsche 928. In particular, there were fluid leaks that had … Continue reading

1986 Porsche 928 – Dash Repair- Again

A number of years ago, in 2015, I repaired the leather dash on my 928. It had developed “eyebrows” along the front edge of the defrost vents. The leather shrinks badly and pulls out from under the edge of the vents. It is not a good look. That repair is discussed here. In the last … Continue reading

1963 FHC – Applying Basecoat and Clearcoat Paint

A major milestone in the life of any restoration project has been met- I have applied basecoat and clearcoat paint! Now for the backstory. As I discussed in a previous article, I had a professional painter out last fall to look at the car, thinking it was ready to paint and that I would have … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – Part 9

When I left off in Part 8, we talked about getting ready for paint. Unfortunately, I continue to draw closer to being able to spray actual color but I am not there yet. This is discouraging but also explains why top quality paint jobs cost so much. In my case, to tell a little story … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – Part 10

PLANNING AHEAD It is a necessary fact of the times that we live in that you need to plan ahead for certain restoration activities and purchases. Just like you probably don’t stop at a restaurant with few cars in the parking lot, if you obtain the services of a restoration specialist, the good ones will … Continue reading

83-85 Porsche 944 – Vacuum Hoses

A thread popped up on Rennlist recently regarding vacuum hoses on early cars. The following is not definative but it may help. As an aside, the Y shaped venturi tube is shown in the photos. Some folks want to take this off, for reasons I am not sure of. It’s purpose is to provide a … Continue reading

Porsche Cayman S – Replace HVAC Control Rocker Switches

I did a job yesterday on the wife’s 2006 Cayman S that went surprisingly well and made a big improvement to the cosmetics of the car. We have had this car since new and at some point the HVAC rocker switches got sticky and very unsightly. She thinks someone at a drivethrough car wash and … Continue reading

Wiper Motor Wiring Diagram for E-Type Series 1.5

Thanks to Art Cutler for this diagram and explaination!!! I finished refurbishing my 1968 Series 1.5 wiper motor. It now runs at low and high speed as well as returns to the park position when it’s switched off. That’s all the expertise I can claim regarding wiper motors. Here’s a schematic I drew by inspection … Continue reading

1986 Porsche 928 – Power Steering Hoses

Being the dead of winter, working on paint and bodywork on the Etype is problematic. So I have turned my attention to my Porsche 928. It has developed a power steering fluid leak and frankly, I had quit driving it for fear of a fatal engine compartment fire. Amazingly, after months of sitting, it pretty … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Independent Rear Suspension

A recent milestone for the restoration of the 1963 FHC is the completion of the independent rear suspension aka the IRS. The IRS on the Etype was an improvement over the solid axle design of the XK-120/140/150 series cars. It is “independent” in the sense that each wheel can respond to suspension movements independently from … Continue reading

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