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VW Atlas Road Trip – Newfoundland

This article will be a little bit of a change of pace from my normal technical articles about my 2 seater sports cars. I thought I would tell the story of my recent road trip to Newfoundland, taken in my 3 row seating VW Atlas, aka The Grandchildren Hauler. First of all, you may ask, … Continue reading

Porsche Cayman 987.1 New Dash Gauge Face

Recently I completed a task on my wife’s 06 Cayman S, which was to replace the dash gauge face overlay. As a Christmas present, I had given her an IOU to replace her horrible sticky HVAC control knobs and to replace the faded dash guage face. The replacement of the knobs is done and discussed … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – IRS

A recent milestone for the restoration of the 1963 E-Type FHC is the completion of the independent rear suspension aka the IRS. The IRS on the E-type was an improvement over the solid axle design of the XK-120/140/150 series cars. It is “independent” in the sense that each wheel can respond to suspension movements independently … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – Article 11 – Reliability

Many folks, when they are thinking about the restoration of a car, think about both improving theappearance of their car for sure and maybe the reliability. How much emphasis you place on eithercategory of course depends a lot on the starting point you are working from. In the case of my SomeAssembly Required car, this … Continue reading

Cayman Road Trip – Leg 3 – LA to Raleigh

Ok, my last post about Leg 2 was a long one. There was a lot to talk about. This one will be brief. So, you leave northern LA and head up I-15 towards Las Vegas. Up this road a ways, you meet I-40, which in NC passes within 20 miles of my house. I got … Continue reading

Cayman Road Trip – Leg 2 – Seattle to LA

I am now entering the fun part of my road trip. Down the Pacific coast from Seattle to LA. If you missed my first 2 installments, see here and here. As discussed in my previous article, I spent about 10 days in Seattle with my son’s family and also touring Washington state with my wife … Continue reading

Cayman Road Trip – Washington Loop

As discussed in my article for Leg 1 of my trip, my plan included meeting my wife at my son’s house in Seattle and embarking on a joint venture to visit her relatives in Washington State. She was raised in the north central part of the state, in the vicinity of what are now the … Continue reading

2007 Cayman S – Pre Road Trip Maintenance

Prior to leaving on my road trip to the west coast, I wanted to do some routine maintenance. Actually, the first thing I did, before taking it to VIR for a track day, was a complete brake overhaul. That effort is described here. After the VIR event, which was fortunately uneventful, I decided to perform … Continue reading

Cayman Road Trip – Leg 1 – Raleigh to Seattle

Ah, the Road Trip. That great American experience of legend and lore. One just gets in their vehicle and drives. No schedule. No worries. Freedom at its best. Of course, reality will set in and you may have a lot to consider. Go alone or with a friend? Motels or camping? Interstates or back roads? … Continue reading

1986 Porsche 928 – Winter Maintenance

I had really been concentrating my efforts in 2021 on the restoration of my 1963 Jaguar Etype. See here. But as cold weather set in around Christmas, I decided to retreat to a heated garage where I could perform some much needed maintenance on my Porsche 928. In particular, there were fluid leaks that had … Continue reading

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