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Ernie and Elaine Nagamatsu

Recently I attended the Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI at Leguna Seca raceway. This is a multifaceted event, described in my blog post here. One aspect of the event is vintage racing. I have been to many vintage races and have always found the competitors in the pits to be most accommodating of the non racing … Continue reading

Rennsport Reunion VI

I was fortunate to be able to attend the 6th Porsche Rennsport Reunion at WeatherTech Laguna Seca racetrack near Monterrey CA.  First of all, let us recognize the Rennsport Reunion as a brilliant marketing event sponsored by Porsche. It is a combination of vintage racing, Concours de Elegance, display of museum quality Porsche cars, technical … Continue reading

Book Review – Enzo Ferrari Power, Politics, and the Making of an Automotive Empire

First of all, at 953 pages, this book must meet the definition of “comprehensive”. I wasn’t really paying attention to the page count when I ordered the book from David Bull Publishing and when I got it, I had this sinking feeling that I would never find the time to read it. Boy, was I … Continue reading

Book Review – Phil Hill A Driving Life

Phil Hill was an American automobile racer and the only American-born driver to win the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship. He also scored three wins at each of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and 12 Hours of Sebring sports car races. Phil was a regular contributor to Road and Track. This book, organized by … Continue reading

Book Review – McLaren From The Inside

This coffee table book was curated by Tyler Alexander. Tyler was a founding member of Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd. in 1964 and only recently retired from the organization. The book is largely composed of photos taken by Tyler, with minimal text to annotate them. The images are from two very different eras. Part 1 … Continue reading

1967 E-Type 2+2 – August Progress Report

It’s time for a progress report regarding the re-fresh of my 1967 E-Type 2+2. In my article here, I discussed areas where the car needed improvement to be competitive in a concours event. And so in the month of August I have begun my assault. I have been working on two fronts. The very first … Continue reading

Visit to Rhode Island Wiring

Recently I had an opportunity to visit Rhode Island Wiring in, where else, Rhode Island. It was a fascinating tour for a restoration geek like me. I was treated to a very thorough tour by long time RIW employee Marsha. But first, why this tour, now? The answer to that is my recent retirement from … Continue reading

1967 E-Type 2+2 – Evaluation

As discussed here, I have decided to perform a refresh on my 1967 E-Type 2+2. The goal is to allow the car to be competitive in JCNA concour events. I have been a certified judge for JCNA judge for a number of years. I decided to evaluate this car in detail, using the standards applied … Continue reading

Paint Booth Upgrade

I’m getting ready to paint E-Types. My garage space that I plan to use for painting was a little bit of a mess. I decided it was time to bring the paint booth into good condition. The paint booth had stuff in it that was just collecting dust. And the sheetrock had a layer of … Continue reading

Reboot – 1967 E-Type 2+2 – Restoration 2.0

My last article regarding my 1967 Etype 2+2 coupe was entitled “It’s Done!“. It has been 5 years since I wrote that article. I have enjoyed the car in that time, it is a real beauty. That said, I am fortunate to have recently retired from my career in nuclear power and, as has been … Continue reading

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