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1967 Etype 2+2: Repair of Slop in the Door Latch

After painting, new glass, re-chrome of the frames, and new gaskets, it was time to hang the driver and passenger side door. I discussed some aspects of the hanging the doors here. But recently, it became apparant that I was not going to be able to get the doors to latch properly with a reasonable … Continue reading

1967 Etype 2+2 – Spring 2020 Progress Report

It has been a while since I have posted about the Restoration 2.0 of my 1967 Etype 2+2. What progress has there been, you might ask? Not much! In my defense, I have made some wonderful progress on our house. Right after the Christmas holidays, we had a wonderful craftsman come in and repaint all … Continue reading

1967 Etype 2+2- Winter 2020 Progress Report

I’m getting closer to being done but oh that last 10% is so hard to complete. Here are some things that have been completed since my last update.  I decided to get the engine running and things completed in the engine compartment as much as possible. When I added a small amount of fuel to … Continue reading

1967 Etype 2+2 – Fall 2019 Progress Report

I haven’t had much progress to report on since June. In my “lack of progress defense”, I spent 3 weeks on my Half Lap trip with my Porsche 944 track car, including another month getting ready for that trip. I spent another 6 weeks very busy with work activities. So work on the 2+2 was … Continue reading

67 Etype 2+2 – Conversion to Closed Headlights

Around 1967, US DOT rules forced Jaguar to remove the glass covers from the headlights on the bonnets. Most people feel that the early enclosed headlight bonnet has the best look. Research into this particular car indicates that my car was produced with a closed headlight bonnet. Yet, when I purchased it, the bonnet had … Continue reading

Things I Learned While Fitting the Bonnet

I just recently finished a protracted struggle to get a good fit for the bonnet of my 67 Etype 2+2. I thought I would write down some of the things I learned during the process, before the pain subsides 🙂 This is going to take awhile so bear with me. In a perfect world, the … Continue reading

1967 Etype 2+2 – June Progress Report

The good news is that progress is being made. The bad news is that there is no way I’ll be finished in time for the Carolina Jaguar Club concours in July. Oh well, maybe next year. The interior is basically done. All the leather and vinyl surfaces have been cleaned. I spent a fair amount … Continue reading

1967 Etype 2+2 – April Progress Report

The good news is that I accomplished a lot over the last two months. I got to see all 5 of my grandchildren, I went to a fantastic track weekend at Barber Motorsports Park, and I started a new consulting job at the local nuclear plant. The bad news is that this left dramatically little … Continue reading

1967 Etype 2+2 – February Progress Report

My last post commented on getting the painting completed, which was a really big deal. Now my progress is a little more scattershot, as is required to keep moving forward as obstacles come up. Wiring – As I have mentioned earlier, I purchased a full set of wiring harnesses from Rhode Island Wiring. During my … Continue reading

1967 Etype 2+2 – January Progress Report

The big news is that painting is complete! And in the process, I helped prove that Dark Matter does indeed exist in the universe, as a lot of it tried to embed itself in my white paint job! As discussed in other articles here and here, I decided to leave this car in Old English … Continue reading

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