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1984 Porsche 944 Street/Track Car – Dash Refurbishment

The dash on the Porsche 944 was in truly frightening condition. It had numerous cracks in all the usual places and then some. At some point, someone had obviously attempted to cover the damage with an overlay, as there many remnant areas of double sided tape. So something had to be done. Apparently reproduction dashes … Continue reading

Porsche 944 – Rear Suspension Camber Values

Based on a recent thread on Rennlist, I was prompted to check the camber values for a Porsche 944 rear suspension. In effect, I was looking at how the camber changes as the suspension goes through compression and droop.  I previously did an article along the same lines for the front suspension here. The rear … Continue reading

1984 Porsche 944 Street/Track Car – Paint

I had done quite a bit of work getting the mechanical systems on the Porsche 944 up to snuff. As the cosmetics on this car were pretty atrocious, I decided to tackle that side of things next. It is a testament to Porsche that after 30 years the body was in pretty good shape. That … Continue reading

1984 Porsche Street/Track Car – Going to the Next Level

  Now that I had my 1984 Porsche 944 street/track car brought up to snuff mechanically, I began to seriously appraise its aesthetics. Its appearance was not confidence inspiring. Yes, I know, a ratty looking car can still go quite well but the car was just not something I wanted to show up in and … Continue reading

1984 Porsche 944 Street/Track Build – Roll Bar

As previously chronicled, I have a 1984 Porsche 944 that I purchased with the intention of making into a backup track car that is also street legal. I had gone through the car mechanically as discussed in previous articles. The car was now mechanically sound but in order to safely head for track events, I … Continue reading

Silver Track Car – Engine Rebuild

Things have progressed rather slowly but I have pretty much completed the engine rebuild.  This rebuild is very similar to one that I did for the Orange Track Car (see articles here and here).  Here are some facts about the rebuild (from the bottom up). I used an existing oil pan that I had that … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Oiling System Explained

Due to much discussion regarding why the Porsche 944 engine can tend to trash the #2 rod bearing, I took the opportunity to look closely at an engine to see how the oiling system worked.  As you look at the oiling system layout, you can begin to understand how the #2 bearing might be at … Continue reading

Silver Track Car – Rear Suspension Adjustments

So you’ve got your rear suspension done or maybe you just are interested in checking rear alignment.  What type of adjustments are possible with the rear suspension?  Stay tuned to find out. On the front suspension, we are used to talking about castor, camber, and toe-in.  All 3 can be adjusted at the front.  At … Continue reading

Silver Track Car, Rear Suspension Bushings

In order to tighten up the handling, I am replacing all the suspension rubber bushings with “poly” bushings.  In this case, poly is a generic term for polyurethane but other materials can be used.  For instance, Racer’s Edge uses Delrin, which is probably a little bit stiffer than polyurethane. I usually find the parts I … Continue reading

Silver Track Car – Rear Suspension, Bearing Replacement

For purposes of increased reliability and to enhance track performance, I tackled the R&R of the rear suspension.  This car of course has the torsion bar rear suspension with trailing arms.  The plan is to replace all the rubber suspension bushings with poly bushings, to replace the wheel bearings, and the rebuild the rear brake … Continue reading

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