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83-85 Porsche 944 – Vacuum Hoses

A thread popped up on Rennlist recently regarding vacuum hoses on early cars. The following is not definative but it may help. As an aside, the Y shaped venturi tube is shown in the photos. Some folks want to take this off, for reasons I am not sure of. It’s purpose is to provide a … Continue reading


Porsche 944 “R” – For Sale on Bring A Trailer

Hi, I’m Harvey Ferris with New Hill Garage. If you are reading this article, it is probably because you are interested in my 944R being auctioned on Bring A Trailer. I know it is hard when you are bidding on a car that is a long ways away and you can’t come to see it. … Continue reading

Porsche 944R – Dash Refurbishment Part 2

In a previous article here, I discussed refurbishing the dash on my 944. Here is a shot of the result taken during a recent photo shoot of the completed car. After reviewing the dash in context with the completed car, I felt that it was just not right. A little lumpy. Some of the seams … Continue reading

Porsche 944R- Compression Checks

I wanted to check the health of the engine on the Porsche 944 street/track car by performing a standard compression check.  All compression values were right around 170 psi. Another standard check is a Leak Down check. A compression check is performed dynamically by rotating the engine with the starter motor, which pressurizes the cylinder … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Street/Track Car – Photo Shoot

In my posts 944R Revealed and 944R Goes to VIR, I put up a number of photos of this very photogenic car. The car made taking photos easy. The VIR photos were taken by a professional photographer and I think the results show it. Conversely, I am not a professional photographer nor am I even … Continue reading

Porsche 944R Goes to VIR

I introduced my new creation, a 944R “imagination”, if you will, last week. As far as I know, Porsche never produced a 944R but based on what R spec cars were produced such as in the 911 and Cayman lineup, I’ve put together a lightened car, with a rollbar and other subtle refinements. Anyway, back … Continue reading

Porsche 944R- Revealed

In the latter part of 1983 Porsche executives were worried. Sales of their “entry level” Porsche, the 944, were starting to taper off. Plans were in the works for a “facelift” of the 944 but the release of this model was still several years out. Looking farther down the road, Porsche was working on a … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Street/Track Car – Evaluating the Suspension

A major part of the allure of a Porsche 944 is its very balanced suspension setup. The designers at Porsche moved the normal position of the transmission from just behind the engine to a location roughly in line with the rear axle. The combination of a transmission and a differential is commonly called a “transaxle”. … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Street/Track Car – Engine Compartment Refresh

Now that I was done with the paint and upholstery, the engine compartment was looking a little shabby by comparison. It was time to address this issue. The engine itself had been painted and detailed when I rebuilt it a few years ago. So things like the cam cover and the inlet manifold were in … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Street/Track Car – Carpet and Door Panels

Next on my agenda, after working on the sport seats, was replacement of the bio-hazard carpet in the 944. Also on my agenda was the implementation of some “RS” style door panels. The period correct carpet for an 80’s Porsche would be “Sliverknit” carpet. One definition of Sliverknit that I have seen is that the … Continue reading

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