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Porsche 944 Oiling System Explained

Due to much discussion regarding why the Porsche 944 engine can tend to trash the #2 rod bearing, I took the opportunity to look closely at an engine to see how the oiling system worked.  As you look at the oiling system layout, you can begin to understand how the #2 bearing might be at … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 35 – VIR Again

It was back to VIR for another event with Track Daze on the weekend of June 8th. We started Saturday wet, on the heels of Hurricane Abigail.  This was my first chance to run on a wet track in several years and frankly I was looking forward to it.  I had the treaded Kumho Ecstas … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 34 VIR

I spent an enjoyable but cold weekend at VIR on May 4/5.  This DE event was sponsored by Track Daze.  I was running in my Porsche 944 track car.  I had the pleasure of introducing my son-in-law Clayton to his first DE event. The Porsche 944 track car continued to withstand spirited driving well.  Another … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 33

The weekend of April 6th and 7th finally brought some great spring weather and a great track weekend at VIR North course.  This event was put on by the Tar Heel Sports Car Club (www.thscc.com).  These guys do a great job and put on a well run event.  They have very good instructors both in … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 32 – VIR

Last weekend was spent with Chin Motorsports at Virginia International Raceway (VIR).  I can’t say enough good things about the Chin events.  I like the format. First everyone is on track for 30 minutes under full course yellow to begin the weekend.  A good chance to learn the track in a non-threatening environment.  Chin only … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 31 – Tires

Last season I ran exclusively on high performance street tires.  I chose Kumho Ecsta AST tires in the 225-50R15 size.  I found them to be a great tire for my level of experience.  They communicated well and were very consistent with no surprises.  They were very reasonably priced. And 1 set lasted all season.  So … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 30 – Adjustable Camber Plates

In my previous article, I discussed my winter project to upgrade the suspension on the Porsche 944 track car.  I went over the installation of the front sway bar and coilover springs. From my previous measurements I knew that the most negative camber that I could obtain with the stock suspension was -2 degrees.  This … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 29 – More Suspension Upgrades

After my track season in 2012, I had the 944 pretty solid mechanically and had all the safety gear installed that I wanted (full cage, Hans device, 6 point harnesses, Joie seat, fire suppression system, master cut-off switch, wink mirror).  It was time to spend some money on some go faster upgrades. In a previous … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 28 – Oil Pan Update

It has been a while since I have posted.  That is due to a killer work schedule and no activity at all with the track car.  But the killer work schedule has come to an end and I am back to some semblance of a normal life. Based on some advice, I obtained a oil … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 27 – 944 Suspension Tips

As a mechanical engineer, I am always looking to educate myself on the engineering aspects of cars.  I have probably read dozens of textbooks over the years regarding automotive subjects and probably thousands of magazines.  My favorite magazines currently are Autoweek, Grassroots Motorsports, and Classic Motorsports.  I skim through Hot Rod just to marvel at … Continue reading

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