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Porsche 944 Track Car

Porsche Track Car Part 34 VIR

I spent an enjoyable but cold weekend at VIR on May 4/5.  This DE event was sponsored by Track Daze.  I was running in my Porsche 944 track car.  I had the pleasure of introducing my son-in-law Clayton to his first DE event.

The Porsche 944 track car continued to withstand spirited driving well.  Another 8 hours were added to the Hobbs meter by Clayton and myself.  Not so much as a hiccup!  The car used about a quart of oil and 4 jugs of fuel.  The KFP Gold brake pads from Paragon Products continue to hold up very well. I’m finally able to see some pad wear after 3 track weekends!  The new 944Spec suspension from Paragon is a joy!

The biggest problem with the weekend was the unseasonably cold weather.  At least for North Carolina.  Any Canadians in attendance were probably overheating 🙂  The cool weather just meant that we huddled in the Ford F150 Porsche Support Vehicle rather than walking around the paddock to kibitz.

Track Daze did a very nice job with the event management.  Everything ran on time, just like the Swiss railroads.  I didn’t see any cars that were torn up, although we had our share of single car mechanical failures.  Some poor guy in a BMW blew his engine at the start of Hogpen and brought out the oil dry crew.  Fortunately, he got off line in a hurry so it was no big deal.

I had one “tank slapper” in NASCAR (turn 3) that got the adrenaline rushing but I was able to keep the front end ahead of the rear end so no big deal.

I continue to gain confidence and speed.  The climbing Esses are a hoot.  By the end of the weekend I was running them maxed out in fourth gear.  Oak Tree continues to give me fits now that someone told me that the fast guys brake not at 3, not at 2, not at 1, but at the Arrow.  WTF.

I had an unusual pucker moment when a coyote headed for the track on the back straight.  I was in a gaggle of Corvettes. I had visions of fibreglass and coyote parts strewn all over the track. Fortunately the coyote did a Uturn and headed back to the woods.  Whew!

James Clay, Mike Skeen, Peter Krause sightings were made.

I purchased a data tag from Track Daze. I have just checked my times.  My best of the weekend was 2:36.  The NASA track record for a 944 spec is 2:16.  Oh well, a goal to strive for 🙂  I was going plenty fast for my own comfort zone, that’s for sure.

Great weekend.  Clayton, you did well buddy!





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