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Porsche 944 Track Car

Porsche Track Car Part 32 – VIR

Last weekend was spent with Chin Motorsports at Virginia International Raceway (VIR).  I can’t say enough good things about the Chin events.  I like the format. First everyone is on track for 30 minutes under full course yellow to begin the weekend.  A good chance to learn the track in a non-threatening environment.  Chin only has 3 run groups.  So you are on track for 1/2 hour on and 1 hour off, for a total of 4 times each day. If that isn’t enough, there is an open session at the end of the day (the Happy Hour) that lasts for 1 1/2 hours.  My last 1/2 hour session was right before the 1 1/2 hours session. I came in from a 1/2 hour of running, took at bathroom and water break, and went back out.  At some point the track got black flagged for a disabled car to be towed in so that was a 10 minute break in the pits.  By the time I was feeling fatigued and came in I had been on the track almost 2 hours.  I was a little shocked at how quick the time went by.  All in all I put in 7 hours of track time over the 2 days.  Chin may cost a little more but man, you really get the track time!

This was my “shake down” cruise after winter work.  I didn’t have any mechanical issues.  The new suspension felt very solid and confidence inspiring.  I also upgraded to KFP Gold brake pads.  I had been using Metal Master pads last year.  They would certainly lock up my Kumho Ecsta tires.  They also would just barely last one weekend, at least the front pads wouldn’t.  The KFP Gold pads would also lock up the tires but were easy to modulate.  I only had one serious lock up all weekend.  And the pads looked barely used after 7 hours of use.  So I am very pleased with this upgrade.

So all in all a good weekend at a great track.  I am signed up for VIR North course the first weekend in April with Tar Heel Sports Car Club.  I’m bringing my son-in-law Andy for his first track event, so we’ll be sharing the car.  It should be fun!



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