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Porsche Track Car Part 26 – Season Wrapup

The track/HPDE season must unfortunately come to a close for me.  Work will have me tied in knots for the rest of the year.  So here are some highlights. * 18 track days.  VIR, CMP, Barber, Road Atlanta. * Introduced my twin daughters to HPDE! * Engine rebuilt over the last winter. At last count … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 25 – Wind Tunnel Testing

I am fortunate to live and work near Charlotte, NC.  This brings me some opportunities that might not be available in other parts of the country.  As most know, Charlotte is a center of racing activity, in particular NASCAR.  Think what you will about NASCAR, it is very successful and attracts a lot of sponsorship … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 24 – Photos from Barber Motorsports Park

All photos in the slideshow are taken by stillbandits.com

Porsche Track Car Part 23 – Road Atlanta

Now that I am living in Chattanooga, all of a sudden Road Atlanta and Barber are the closest track venues.  Oh gee, how to choose?  Let’s do both in back to back weekends! Yes, I was back at Road Atlanta last weekend with Chin Motorsports.  Feeling kinda like the tortoise in a room full of … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 22 – Track Day at Barber

Wow!  If Road Atlanta and VIR are iconic, Barber Motorsports Park is just fun!!!  What a venue.  First, it is right off of I-20 near Birmingham so access is a cinch.  Then there are the grounds, which are rolling with lots of trees and greenspace.  Attention to landscaping detail is very evident.  I am sure … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 21 – HPDE at Road Atlanta

This last weekend was a memorable one for me.  I did my first track event at Road Atlanta.  In addition to the fact that Road Atlanta is an iconic track, it held special significance for me.  When I attended college at Georgia Tech back in the early 70’s, I was just starting to get bit … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 20 – Front Suspension Camber

As with most folks, I have heard that lowering your car would improve its cornering ability.  I have read a number of books on suspension theory.  The general idea is that with a lower center of gravity, there will be less weight transfer to the outside tires. I have also heard that negative camber on … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 24 – A Really Nice Seat

When I went to retrieve my car after the cage was installed, I got to hoist the seats into the back of my truck, as I had told the cage fabricator that I would re-install them myself.  He grabbed one of the seats to help me load it and said “Boy, that’s a heavy seat”.  … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 23 – So Far, So Good

In my previous post, I recounted getting the Porsche 944 engine rebuilt and installed in the car.  It is several months later and I am happy to report the engine rebuild is holding up and has engaged in some serious track use/abuse without any issues.  I had installed an hour meter in the car, since … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car Part 22 – Egnine Rebuild, Top End

In the last post, I discussed building up the bottom end.  Now on to the top end.  I rotated the engine into its upright position on the engine stand.  Next I turned to getting the head ready to go.  The machine shop had dipped the head and performed a simple 3 angle valve job on … Continue reading

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