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Article 9 – Refurbishing an E-type Door Hinge

Refurbishing an E-Type Door Hinge How are your door hinges holding up? When your door hinges become worn, getting your door to shut properly may become difficult. Try this. Open your door and pull upward on the end where the door handle is. If you can move the door up and down by a 1/8″ … Continue reading

Article 8 – Checking Corner Weights

CHECKING CORNER WEIGHTS ON MY 1967 E-TYPE 2+2 Introduction After reading the book “How to Make Your Car Handle” by Fred Puhn and knowing that I had a HPDE track event coming up for the 1967 E-Type 2+2, I got motivated to check the weight distribution on the tires i.e. I wanted to check the … Continue reading

Article 7 – Adjusting the Carburators

Technical Article 7 Tuning the Carburators If you have been with me for my previous articles on troubleshooting the XK engine, you will know that we have throughly gone over the cam timing, valves, and the ignition system. I have saved the carburators for last. There is an adage that says “most carburator problems are … Continue reading

Article 6 – The Distributor Advance Mechanism

Tech Article 6 Troubleshooting your XK Engine – The Distributor Advance Mechanism Last month we looked at the operation the distributor in the XK spark ignition system. In this month’s article, we are going to discuss an area that can be confusing, that being timing advance mechanisms. As we established in our last article, the … Continue reading

Article 5 – The Distributor

Tech Article 5 Troubleshooting your XK Engine – The Distributor Last month we started looking at and understanding the operation of the spark ignition system. In this month’s article, we are going to look at the maestro of your XK ignition system, the distributor. The distributor directs the bursts of voltage from the coil to … Continue reading

Article 4 – Checking the Spark Ignition System

Tech Article 4 Troubleshooting your XK Engine – Checking the Spark Ignition System In the course of the first 3 articles on how to troubleshoot your XK engine, we have concentrated on the mechanical components that pump fuel and air into cylinders, namely the valves and the pistons. Now that we have established that the … Continue reading

Article 3 – Checking Cam Tappet Clearances

Tech Article 3 Troubleshooting your XK Engine – Checking Cam Tappet Clearances I approach the old lady hoeing weeds in her garden. “I understand you’ve got some old cars stored in that barn out back. Mind if I take a look? Go ahead Mister” she said. “I’d be glad to get rid of them so … Continue reading

Checking the Cam Timing

Tech Article 2 Troubleshooting your XK Engine – Checking Cam Timing I’m anxiously awaiting the final decision of the judges at Pebble Beach. After all the work I’ve put into the restoration of my E-Type, could this be the penultimate moment? “And the winner of this year’s Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance is Harvey Ferris and … Continue reading

Troubleshooting your XK Engine

So I’m sitting at a stoplight and some punk in a jacked up pick-up truck pulls up next to me, leans out of his window, and says “Hey, Grandpa, what’s that thing got in it?” I look him right in the eye and say “4.2 litre, dual overhead cam HEMI”. And I proceed to leave … Continue reading

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