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Wiper Motor Wiring Diagram for E-Type Series 1.5

Thanks to Art Cutler for this diagram and explaination!!! I finished refurbishing my 1968 Series 1.5 wiper motor. It now runs at low and high speed as well as returns to the park position when it’s switched off. That’s all the expertise I can claim regarding wiper motors. Here’s a schematic I drew by inspection … Continue reading


Windscreen and Hatch Glass Chrome Trim Installation

I just finished getting the hatch trim installed in my 1967 2+2, after literally years of frustration. Hopefully this post will give others some tips on how to do it. First, if the pieces dry fit as poorly as shown above, I don’t think you can force them to work. The original upper piece that … Continue reading

Horsepower Measurements in Car Using the Speedometer and a Stopwatch

I found this article the other day, going through my hardcopy paper files. It was originally presented by Mr. John De Armond on a hotrod newsgroup (remember those?). Although I wouldn’t take it to the bank for obtaining a hard horsepower number for your car, it could be useful in making A to B comparison … Continue reading

1967 Etype 2+2: Repair of Slop in the Door Latch

After painting, new glass, re-chrome of the frames, and new gaskets, it was time to hang the driver and passenger side door. I discussed some aspects of the hanging the doors here. But recently, it became apparant that I was not going to be able to get the doors to latch properly with a reasonable … Continue reading

Things I Learned While Fitting the Bonnet

I just recently finished a protracted struggle to get a good fit for the bonnet of my 67 Etype 2+2. I thought I would write down some of the things I learned during the process, before the pain subsides 🙂 This is going to take awhile so bear with me. In a perfect world, the … Continue reading

Visit to Rhode Island Wiring

Recently I had an opportunity to visit Rhode Island Wiring in, where else, Rhode Island. It was a fascinating tour for a restoration geek like me. I was treated to a very thorough tour by long time RIW employee Marsha. But first, why this tour, now? The answer to that is my recent retirement from … Continue reading

67 E-Type 2+2 – Coming Out of Mothballs

I am embarrassed to admit that my 1967 E-Type 2+2 hasn’t received much attention in the last few years. There are several reasons for that. The main issue is that my Porsche 928 is such a pleasant car to drive that it has become my go to car. My wife likes it better because it … Continue reading

UK Tour!

I am excited to announce that my wife Kelli and I have managed to carve out some time this summer for an extended vacation (extended by our standards at least!).  We have decided to spend 3 weeks in the UK. Week 1 We are now a week into our trip. We initially flew from NC … Continue reading

Etype Wiper Motor Theory and Operation – By Dick Vandermeyden

Dick Vandermeyden of Palo Alto CA, recently deceased but fondly remembered, had an incredible amount of knowledge about Jaguar E-Types.  Following is an article he prepared for me many years ago.  It is the best discussion I have ever seen about how the wiper motor in a Series 1 E-Type operates.  Click on the following … Continue reading

Dick Maury and Coventry West

I had a chance a few weeks back to be driving to the Atlanta airport to meet family members so I decided to leave early and drop by to see Dick Maury at Coventry West.  Many of you know Dick Maury as the past President of the JCNA.  Dick is also the manager of the … Continue reading

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