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Porsche 944 Engine Rebuild – Part 3

In our last article, we got the pistons installed. Now we will move on to the cylinder head. It is not imperative but I like to replace the head studs with new items from Porsche. I feel that the head studs are the 2nd most highly stressed fastener in the engine, second only to the … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Engine Rebuild Part 2

In Engine Rebuild Part I, we looked at installing the crank in the engine. In Part II, we will look at installing the pistons and the rods. But first a word about prepping the block. As I noted in Part 1, I chose to clean the block in my blasting cabinet using glass beads. This … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Engine Rebuild Part 1

My Porsche 944 track car donated it’s engine block to my Porsche 944 “R”. That was OK because I had a replacement block waiting in the wings. This series of articles will document in some detail the building of a 2.5 litre normally aspirated 2 valves per cylinder Porsche 944 engine. The starting point of … Continue reading

Porsche 944 – Coolant System Explained

So I’m in the process of rebuilding the engine for my track car and, as usual, I got sidetracked. As I was cleaning up the waterpump, I got to thinking, how exactly does this cooling thing all work? It turned out it was more complicated than I thought, with several interesting features. If you want … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Oil Pump Explained

I’m in the middle of rebuilding the engine for my track car. I decided to pull apart the oil pump to clean it up and inspect it. Since my previous article Porsche 944 Oiling System Explained has been one of the most popular articles on my website, I decided to add the following discussion of … Continue reading

Porsche 944 – Rear Suspension Camber Values

Based on a recent thread on Rennlist, I was prompted to check the camber values for a Porsche 944 rear suspension. In effect, I was looking at how the camber changes as the suspension goes through compression and droop.  I previously did an article along the same lines for the front suspension here. The rear … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Track Car – Tire Temperatures

In my article here, I discuss the recent track event that I attended at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research.  NCCAR is just what it sounds like.  It is a purpose built facility for automotive testing.  Here is the track map: As you can see, there are a lot of long, constant radius turns.  … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Track Car – NCCAR

I took the Porsche 944 track car out for its 3rd event of the year at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research a.k.a NCCAR.  The event was organized by Apex Track Events and the MBCA Virginia Section.  The weekend started out very cold and windy but ended up with great weather.  First, a little … Continue reading

Porsche 944 Track Car – VIR and Cold Weather

VIR. February.  What could go wrong?  Well, fortunately, not much.  Unlike 2 years ago at a Chin event when there was a 2″ snowfall Friday night before the event, this event was actually rather pleasant.  Yes, it was 22 degrees when I pulled into the pits at 6:30 am.  But my mid-afternoon the temperatures were … Continue reading

Silver-Blue Track Car – $9 Paint Job

Last Sunday was unseasonably warm here in NC and the rain stopped, for the first day in a week. I had been doing Christmas duty with visiting family but everyone split on Sunday to visit friends. I had a shop day to myself! I had already started on a major weight loss program, which I’m … Continue reading

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