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Porsche 944 Track Car

Barber Motorsports Park Track Weekend

I had the pleasure of spending the past weekend at a track weekend at Barber MSP near Birmingham, AL. I love this track for the 944. Apparently Mr. Barber set it up to be motorcycle friendly. That works out great for the 944. Lots of technical corners. Short straights. I had been here 3 times before but many years ago. I got up to speed as the weekend progressed and by the second day I was tearing it up. The event was put on by Rezoom. As they love to say, laid back, minimal rules, have fun. They deliver in that regard.

Noting that I and my trackmates are mostly (ahem) gentlemen drivers, we are probably holding back the cars from their full potential. There were a lot of high performance cars there. Porsche GT3. Corvette. Mustang. Camaro. And little old under powered me. I was generally able to keep up with these cars in the corners but they certainly skipped away from me on the straights. It’s all good.

So I definitely recommend Barber. If you don’t have to go thru Atlanta to get there, that is a big plus for you 🙂



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