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White Etype Restoration

1967 Etype 2+2 – Photo Session

The 67 Etype 2+2 Restoration 2.0 is basically done, with the remaining issues basically the result of road test niggles. My son-in-law, Andy, was quarantined with us for several months. He is a gifted photographer with a MS in Fine Arts. I asked him to take some photos of the car. We discussed venues and with Covid, decided there was nothing wrong with the field in my front yard. For the shots of the overall car, he used a “long” lense that tended to blur out the background. Closeups are of course just that, nothing fancy, they just concentrate on interesting details of the car, of which there are many. He has a great eye for spotting and framing interesting closeup shots. He ultimately presented me with several hundred shots. That’s a lot! I picked out of few of my favorites to post in the body of this article. Many others are in a Gallery at the end. Enjoy!



Note: If you click on the first photo in the galley it will bring it up in a larger format. You can Click Right from there to see all the photos in the Gallery. For you photography enthusiats, I see that it also provides some camera data for each shot.













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