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White Etype Restoration

1967 Etype 2+2: Quick June Update

A quick update on the 1967 Etype 2+2 re-restoration. The really good news is that the re-restoration is virtually done. The only thing left on my punchlist is to install a replacement windscreen. This was a disappointing turn of events in that I obtained a replacement Pilkington windscreen from the UK via SNG Barrett. After we had installed it, I noticed 2 internal blemishes in the glass, one of them directly in my line of sight while seated in the car. SNG has graciously agreed to replace the windscreen free of charge but, as they are an item with limited demand, they do not foresee getting me a replacement until this fall. I suspect Pilkington only gears up to make them once or twice a year. Anyway, the current windscreen looks very presentable. And I am getting better at installing the chrome pieces around it.

The other big job that is behind me is that I had to repaint the center section of the bonnet. It is very stressful doing all the final details on a car with new paint but I was doing fine. That is until I created a new scenario in “aw-$hits” when the car slipped off a floor jack, which struck the bottom of the radiator, which popped straight up into the bottom of the bonnet, and left 2 cracked out paint divots. You couldn’t make this stuff up! Very painful. Fortunately, as I did the original paint work, I had everything I needed to tackle the job and was able to make it right with a hard weeks work.

More minor details included installing all the mud shields in the engine, re-doing the upholstery on the boot boards in the rear of the car, installing the OEM Series 1 seats, and installing my brand new wire wheels and tires.

This last weekend my son-in-law Andy, who is living with us during the Covid crisis, did an initial photo shoot of the car. This session was in full sun. We will do another session on an overcast day, which is more ammendable to taking shots of the interior. After he curates his photos and we select the best, I will present them in a final article about this car. But let me say, it was a proud moment to see it gleaming in the afternoon sun. Too bad there are no car shows near by that I am willing to go to. First world problem. Everyone take care and be safe.




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