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Silver Porsche 944

Porsche 944R Goes to VIR

I introduced my new creation, a 944R “imagination”, if you will, last week. As far as I know, Porsche never produced a 944R but based on what R spec cars were produced such as in the 911 and Cayman lineup, I’ve put together a lightened car, with a rollbar and other subtle refinements. Anyway, back in early June, I signed the car up for a track event at VIR over the July 4th weekend. Just like on reality TV, things came up and I got the car ready just in time. I took the car to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) for it’s maiden event. All in all, it went well with no major mechanical issues or off track excursions. I was thankful for that!

I paid the pro photographer in attendance for his photo package. Here are my favorites.



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