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1963 FHC – Subframe Bolting

I will (soon) be posting that I have painted my engine frames, picture frame, and bonnet support frame. Looking just a little bit down the road, it will be time to assemble these pieces to the car. Thinking about this, I realized that I needed to get my ducks in a row regarding subframe bolting. … Continue reading


1963 Etype FHC: Painting The Bonnet Bottom Side

This week’s milestone activity, if you will, was painting the underside of the bonnet. Basically, the steps leading up to this point were media blasting the parts (last summer!), application of epoxy primer (also last summer!), following by a long period where bonnet fitment occured, followed by application of filler to correct minor issues, following … Continue reading

1963 FHC – Bonnet Wrinkles and Bumps

An interesting thing happened while I was block sanding my bonnet center section. I found a wrinkle and a bump. The wrinkle was next to the passenger side headlight opening. The bump was next to the driver side headlight opening but closer to the power bulge. Both were subtle but block sanding reveals this sort … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – More Bodywork

When I last posted, the big news was that I had recovered from my primer fiasco and was back to progress. Discussing progress with regard to paintwork is a little like a broken record. Apply primer. Sand. Inspect for blemishs. Repeat. The good news is that I am very close on the main body shell. … Continue reading

1963 FHC – Groundhog Day is Over

Yesterday I applied 4 coats of high build urethane primer to the body shell and fenders. So I’m effectively back to where I was 2 weeks ago. I paid extra special attention to the Glasurit Tech Sheets this time! Although I always try and do the best job possible I will admit that sanding off … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Recovery

A week has gone by since my last dismal post and there is great news! I have been able to justify extra large portions for my dinner, what with all the hand sanding I have put myself through. (Don’t let anybody tell you I’m not a glass half full kind of guy!) So yes, sanding … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Read the Directions!

It pains me to write this. Hopefully others will learn from my mistake, although the lesson is simple: Read the Damn Directions! It appears that I have applied multiple coats of primer to the car with the wrong mix of basestock to activator. The result is that it’s ultimate state of cure will be questionable. … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC- Paintwork: Pinholes

It is raining cats and dogs here today, courtesy of one of the Greek alphabet tropical storms passing through NC, so I thought I’d do a quick post on pinholes. Pinholes generally can be found in your plastic body filler. I try and buy the best filler I can, which is a 3M product and … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Bodywork Complete!!!

Well, the headline says it all. I am complete with bodywork. Although we talk about getting our cars painted, there are really two major phases. Phase 1 is bodywork and Phase 2 is paintwork. If you were starting with a perfect metal body, like manufacturers do, you could go straight to paintwork. But when restoring … Continue reading

1963 Etype- Bonnet Challenges

I have been working on the bonnet for quite some time now. According to my work log about 150 hours. I guess I’m going to say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I feel confident it is not a train coming. Much time has been spent, as discussed previously … Continue reading

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