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Porsche 928 Care and Feeding – Chapter 2 The HVAC System

Having sort of resolved the issue of the 928 not wanting to start, I turned my attention to issues with the HVAC system.  I knew from my first drive that things weren’t quite right.  There was a strange whistling noise from the center dash that I was led to believe was from a leaky diaphragm … Continue reading

Porsche 928 Care and Feeding – Chapter One – No Start Issues

There are several reasons why the Porsche 928 may not be right for everyone.  Compared to a similar vintage 911 SC, I would have to say there is more to go wrong and more to make right, maintenance-wise.  I knew this going in and was not very fazed.  After all, I’ve totally rebuilt a Jag … Continue reading

Porsche 928 – Road Trip Home

If you have read “Purchase” you are up to speed.  Otherwise, go back. It’s a great story! I pull away from Joel’s house in my very recently acquired Porsche 928.  First stop is at the gas station.  Gas is really cheap in Ohio!  A guy next to me filling up his pickup says “Dude, what … Continue reading

Porsche 928 – Purchase

I was starting to think I needed to buy this car.  But not so fast.  A little “due diligence” was required.  I had a couple of discussions about the history of the car with it’s owner, Joel.  And as I pointed out in my previous article, there was a lot of good feedback on Rennlist … Continue reading

Porsche 928 – Initial Contact

I’m not exactly sure when it started but for a while now I’ve been entranced with the look of the Porsche 928.  Oh, I guess it started a few years back when I picked up a 944 for track usage and naturally got to looking at the 944’s big brother.  It certainly wasn’t because I … Continue reading

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