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Porsche 928

Wash Day at the New Hill Garage – Croc vs. Shark

Yesterday was an overdue wash day at the New Hill Garage. One good thing about white cars is that they don’t look too bad as they get dirty. Until you make that first swipe with the wash rag and realize how bad they really were!

Anyway, I owed my wife’s mid life crisis car (2006 Cayman) a wash after taking it on a long road trip and subjecting it to many bugs who could not avoid a kamikaze end to their short bug lives.

After I was done with the washing of the two cars I decided to take some photos. I wish I could have waited for the sun to come around to that side of the house but so be it.

I know I am preaching to the choir but I couldn’t help but be struck by the taut lines of the 928 vs. the Cayman. My lord, the 928 looks ready to leap on it’s prey in a single bound. The Cayman? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, the Cayman is a very pretty car, especially from a rear quarter view. And it is a hoot to drive. But again, I am reminded how Porsche really hit one out of the park with the 928 styling.

Now if I only had a 73 911 RSR to wash, that might be a fair fight!

DSC00354 sm5DSC00353 sm4DSC00349 sm2DSC00346 sm1DSC00350 sm3



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