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1986 Porsche 928 – Power Steering Hoses

Being the dead of winter, working on paint and bodywork on the Etype is problematic. So I have turned my attention to my Porsche 928. It has developed a power steering fluid leak and frankly, I had quit driving it for fear of a fatal engine compartment fire. Amazingly, after months of sitting, it pretty … Continue reading

RH Classic Design Wheels for Sale – SOLD

FOR SALE – RH Classic Design Wheels – Speedline Style Porsche Style P-3.6  PRICE REDUCED $2000 OBO These wheels came on the 1986.5 Porsche 928 that I purchased 3 years ago. As far as I can tell, the car’s original owner had them fitted to the car during his ownership. As shown in some of … Continue reading

Porsche 928 – Fun at VIR

Last weekend I was able to take the Porsche 928 to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) which is fortunately about 1 1/2 hours drive from my house. I have been to VIR many times with my Porsche 944 track car and even a few types with the E-Type, but never with the 928 till now. The … Continue reading

Porsche 928 Care and Feeding – Carpet Installed, Dash Repaired

This last summer I treated and dyed all the leather upholstery items in the interior of my 1986 Porsche 928.  See that story here. Of course, as I knew would happen, the shiny new leather made the tired old carpet look even worse. Something had to be done! After a minimal amount of research on … Continue reading

Deflating a Porsche Spacer Saver Spare Tire

I had the misfortune of doing serious damage to the right rear wheel on my Porsche 928 during spirited driving.  See that story here.  During this event I was forced to remove the space saver spare tire from it’s long term home and inflate it on the road side with the small pump that I … Continue reading

Porsche 928 – Wheel Mayhem

I was out for a spirited drive in the NC mountains last weekend. A rock at the apex of a corner reached out and re-arranged my rim. I got the car slowed down and parked on a level spot. Time to see how that 30 year old spare was feeling. Much to my amazement it … Continue reading

Porsche 928 Care and Feeding – Top End Refresh

A fairly standard maintenance action for the Porsche 928 is to refresh the top end.  In simple terms, there are a lot of rubber hoses and gaskets surfaces that reside in the “V” between the cylinder heads that can become worn out and possibly dangerous due to the long term degradation from the heat and … Continue reading

Porsche 928 Care and Feeding – Upholstery Installed

Last weekend I got a chance to install my newly re-dyed leather upholstery.  A few preliminary jobs were required.  First I decided to paint all the loose plastic parts with a black satin spray can paint. While this paint was drying (actually well after it was dry) I spent quite a bit of time cleaning … Continue reading

Wash Day at the New Hill Garage – Croc vs. Shark

Yesterday was an overdue wash day at the New Hill Garage. One good thing about white cars is that they don’t look too bad as they get dirty. Until you make that first swipe with the wash rag and realize how bad they really were! Anyway, I owed my wife’s mid life crisis car (2006 … Continue reading

Porsche 928 Care and Feeding – Interior Refurbishment

I recently treated myself to a one week “staycation” so I could be at home while my grandchildren visited.  This gave me a chance to do some work on the 928 upholstery that would be maddening if only done on weekends.  This involved stripping, treating, and re-dying all the leather upholstery in the car.  The … Continue reading

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