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1963 Etype Coupe

1963 Etype FHC – Read the Directions!

It pains me to write this. Hopefully others will learn from my mistake, although the lesson is simple: Read the Damn Directions!

It appears that I have applied multiple coats of primer to the car with the wrong mix of basestock to activator. The result is that it’s ultimate state of cure will be questionable. Since this is a 6 figure restoration, failure of the paint is not an option. So regretfully I will be sanding off the primer back to the plastic filler or the bare metal, whichever comes first.

All of the major paint manufacturers supply written instructions on how to mix and apply their products. The instructions are not overly compliated but as the old adage goes “Measure twice and cut once”. In my case I got into the wrong instruction page and mixed the primer with too much activator. It was only when I was trying to clean out the spray gun and found the paint set up in the gun that I realized something wasn’t right. I consulted with the Glasurit rep and we established that I had used the wrong mix ratio. He consulted with one of their chemists and the word was “take off the primer and start over, if you want to be sure the paint job will hold up”.

I have read about some high end paint jobs for show cars where they had to redo the paint job several times to get it absolutely right. Now I am a member of that club. Sigh! I’ll get back to you when I have recovered.



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