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1963 Etype FHC – Summer Break

I haven’t posted in a while. That is mainly due to a summer break from working in the shop. My 3 adult children, their spouses, and 6 grandkids were here over the month of July. That was great fun and I promised my wife to stay out of the shop and enjoy the family. Which … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Finally Ready for Paint?

It has been a long slog but I think I finally have the car ready for color and clear. The question mark holds out the potential that I am not totally completely done but I am certainly very close. And by paint, I mean the pretty part i.e. the opalescent golden sand basecoat and the … Continue reading

EType Zen

I was doing some sanding on the Etype bonnet in preparation for final painting. The bonnet is still painted in grey primer and I was doing some wet sanding. I had just hosed the bonnet down to clean off the sanding sludge and was rewarded with a beautiful reflection of the trees and the afternoon … Continue reading

1963 FHC- Fitting the Bonnet- Again

I see that it has been over a month since my last post. Where in the hell did the time go? Well, an interesting thing happened. I got vacinated against Covid. So did my wife. She in particular, with underlying conditions, had just barely ventured out into “the world” for over a year. You might … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Installing the Subframes

In my previous article, I was discussing things that I did around the firewall and the dash, before installing the subframes got in the way. But the time has come to install the frames. I had installed the frames previously before painting. And by “subframes” I mean the two engine frames, the “picture frame”, and … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC- Working on the Firewall Part 2

Here is an update regarding working on the firewall and dash area, prior to installing the engine frames. I completed installation of the two “dash” wiring harnesses, as far as I could go. All of my instruments are with West Valley Instrument being refurbished. This meant that the row of switches across the bottom of … Continue reading

1963 FHC- Installing the Wiper Mechanism aka The Ship in the Bottle Problem

In my previous article, I discussed general assembly work in the area of the firewall and dash, while access was good. One item that is always a challenge is the installation of the wiper mechanism. Although ultimately I will not install the wiper spindles through the cowl until after the painting is done, I wanted … Continue reading

1963 FHC – Working on the Firewall Part 1

In my most recent articles, I discussed painting the engine frames, picture frame, and bonnet frame. I also loosely assembled the bonnet. One might logically think the next step would be to assemble these items on the body shell. And certainly that would be one approach, especially if you had a deadline you were trying … Continue reading

63 Etype FHC – Some Assembly Required

Whom among us have not seen the words Some Assembly Required and felt maybe a little pang of doubt, asking can I do this, how long is it going to take, do I have the right tools, etc? Just the other day my daughter sent me a text. She had purchased a bunk bed. She … Continue reading

1963 FHC – Bonnet Assembly

I have finished painting all the interior surfaces of my bonnet. And all the exterior surfaces are shaped and, with a little final cleanup, are ready for basecoat/clear. So this is the point in the project where I assemble the bonnet in preparation for mounting it on the car. This post will be photo intensive … Continue reading

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