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1963 Etype FHC – Cross Hatch Aluminum Interior Pieces – Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 I discussed the arduous efforts I made to fabricate aluminum interior pieces from scratch. Now I can show you how it all came together. I am quite pleased with the results. It is a well known problem with the Etype that if you don’t get things right, it is … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Things I Learned While Installing the Engine

Recently I installed the engine in my 1963 Etype FHC project. A lot of preparation went into planning this “milestone” event, as discussed in the article here. Also, I had done a “test run” last year, when I installed a spare short block and Moss box transmission into the car to get weight on the … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Engine Prep for Installation

Over the last few months, my work on the 63 FHC has concentrated on upholstery. And there was a serious disruption when I decided to pull the engine on my Porsche Cayman for a rebuild. But one advanatage of being retired is you generally get to use your time as you see fit! An inordinate … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Cross Hatch Aluminum Interior Pieces – Part 2

In a previous article here, I discussed my efforts to fabricate new cross hatch aluminum interior pieces, specifically the center console or “ski slope” piece. Part 2 is going to address the remaining pieces, i.e. the gauge panel, the radio/ash tray panel, and the shifter surround. As a short recap, I had sourced new cross … Continue reading

1963 FHC – Brake Lines, Cantrails, & Prep for Engine Installation

I haven’t posted an article about the 1963 FHC in a while. There are several reasons for that. I’ve spent an inordinate time struggling with making new cross hatch pattern aluminum panels for the center console and dash. I think I am over the hump on that and will be posting an article soon. I … Continue reading

1963 E-Type FHC – Steering Column Refurbishment

One relatively simple task that I recently completed was the refurbishment of the steering column. The steering columns main job is to connect your steering wheel to your steering rack. Things get a little more interesting when you introduce turn signal and horn functions. So let’s get into it. The first thing I did was … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Tubes, Lines, and Stuff

At some point a few weeks ago, I hit a wall with the development of replacement aluminum “hatch pattern” pieces for the interior consoles. Hopefully I will be able to report a happy conclusion soon but in the meantime I moved on to some things with a shorter installation timeline. First up was brake lines. … Continue reading

1963 FHC – Upholstery Part 3

When I read about restorations of significant cars by high end shops, there is usually a discussion of the significant time spent on “research”. Typically, the story seems to revolve around some old racecar that has been located that is being restored to a specific appearance it had when it gained its significance on the … Continue reading

1963 Etype – Upholstery Part 2

It is time for an update on the progress of my upholstery on my 63 FHC. As noted in my previous article, I had received an upholstery kit from GB Classic Trim in the UK. Working on a top down approach, my first job was to install the headliner. Cantrails and the areas behind the … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Upholstery Part 1

Now that paint is done, I have moved the bodyshell into a 2 bay garage where I will do mechanical assembly. Basically everything else needed to complete the car. This garage is fully weatherproof with heating and cooling and TV/hi-fi/internet. My man cave. As I started in October, I decided to take advantage of the … Continue reading

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