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1963 Etype FHC – Recovery

A week has gone by since my last dismal post and there is great news! I have been able to justify extra large portions for my dinner, what with all the hand sanding I have put myself through. (Don’t let anybody tell you I’m not a glass half full kind of guy!) So yes, sanding … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Read the Directions!

It pains me to write this. Hopefully others will learn from my mistake, although the lesson is simple: Read the Damn Directions! It appears that I have applied multiple coats of primer to the car with the wrong mix of basestock to activator. The result is that it’s ultimate state of cure will be questionable. … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC- Paintwork: Pinholes

It is raining cats and dogs here today, courtesy of one of the Greek alphabet tropical storms passing through NC, so I thought I’d do a quick post on pinholes. Pinholes generally can be found in your plastic body filler. I try and buy the best filler I can, which is a 3M product and … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – Bodywork Complete!!!

Well, the headline says it all. I am complete with bodywork. Although we talk about getting our cars painted, there are really two major phases. Phase 1 is bodywork and Phase 2 is paintwork. If you were starting with a perfect metal body, like manufacturers do, you could go straight to paintwork. But when restoring … Continue reading

1963 Etype- Bonnet Challenges

I have been working on the bonnet for quite some time now. According to my work log about 150 hours. I guess I’m going to say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I feel confident it is not a train coming. Much time has been spent, as discussed previously … Continue reading

1963 Etype- The Bodywork Slog Still Continues

An update. Yesterday I was able to raise the bonnet, supported by it’s spring loaded hinges, for the first time. A major milestone that I felt warranted an update to the build blog. Backing up a bit, I have been working for quite some time to get the 4 critical items, i.e. the bonnet lower … Continue reading

1963 Etype – The Bodywork Slog, Continued

It has been a while since I last posted. Bodywork- It’s a slog. I have been concentrating on the bonnet. The bonnet has a lot going on with it and it is a little bit of a wet noodle until you get things tied down. In my case, I gave up on saving my existing … Continue reading

1963 Etype FHC – The Bodywork Slog

I haven’t posted about the 63 FHC restoration in a while. That is mainly because I am in the middle of the “bodywork slog”. This is the painful part of the process where you are getting the body ready for paint. Although from 10 feet away, my body shell looked to be very nice, when … Continue reading

1963 Etype – Painting Begins

Painting has begun on the 1963 Etype FHC restoration. This might seem a little early in the process but let me explain. As near as I can tell, the factory assembled the bodies fairly completely and then painted them, inside and out, with either enamal or laquer paint. Both products have fallen out of favor … Continue reading

1963 FHC – Bonnet Nose Evaluation and Repair

I have spent the last week and a half dealing with the bonnet nose section. The body shell of the car is in great condition, with no sign of corrosion or collision damage. At the bonnet end, the Front Underpanel Assembly and the two Wings appear to be in good shape. The bonnet Center Panel … Continue reading

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