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Coventry Foundation – George Camp

As I discussed in my post about bonnet profiles I went to visit the Coventry Foundation in Columbia, SC and found a really helpful drawing. While I was there, I cruised their used parts. I picked up a Mossbox and some sheetmetal pieces for the bonnet. Unfortunately, they did not have any cross hatch pattern console pieces 😦

Anyway, George Camp, who runs the show, told me that they are receiving donated parts faster than the volunteers can process them and get them posted on their Ebay site(s). There are 2 sites, one seems to be mainly literature and the other hard parts. Anyway, he said feel free to contact him with any parts needs as he has a pretty good feel for the inventory. I know they use any excess funds to sponsor scholarships in automotive restoration. Here are some pics of the inventory. There also seems to be a lot of XK stuff there, probably indicative of the age cohort of the donors! And I would imagine there is some XJ6 stuff there.

There was a separate area dedicated to the tool loan program. In the offices, there was a lot of cool memorabilia. George Camp seems to run the show and is available to show anyone around who drops in for a visit.



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