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Monocouque Metalworks – Chuck Hadley

Last week I was driving back from Boston to NC and had an opportunity to stop at Monocouque Metalworks, owned and operated by Chuck Hadley. The main reason for my stop was to pick up a pair of bucket seat frames for the 63 FHC restoration. But I was also just interested in checking out the shop and meeting Chuck.

I found Chuck to be a very friendly guy. He seemingly dropped everything and gave me the grand tour. For proprietary reasons, Chuck is not a fan of pictures being taken so this post has almost none. But if you go to his website, there are plenty of photos, probably better than I would have done. Chuck first showed me my new seat frames, which are very nice. Then we looked at some of his projects, including a very nice body shell for an early roadster. Chuck fabricates a number of metal parts that will be of benefit to anyone trying to restore a bodyshell. He also restores customers bodyshells but is booked ahead for several years. He also has quite the used part collection.

So if you are ever in northern Maryland on I-95, you might want to give Chuck a heads up and drop in. I suspect he will always have something interesting to show you.




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