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1963 Etype Coupe

1963 Etype – Etype Fabs Engine Frames

In my article here, I discussed the fact that the engine frames that came with my parts trove turned out to have terminal corrosion. This set in process my procurement of new frames from Etype Fabs in the UK. I had previously procured products from them and found the workmanship to be outstanding. I used a set of their engine frames recently on my 1967 2+2 project. The owner is named Uryk. He has been very responsive in our email correspondance as we have worked through the details of procuring the frames, keeping me informed every step of the way. Unfortunately, the lack of commercial air traffic between the US and the UK has left shippers of hard goods at the mercy of the airfreight companies. Shipping charges were a significant part of the purchase price. Fortunately, the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound is very favorable now, which helps. I actually bought 2 sets of frame, as I have another restoration waiting in the wings. As I told Uryk, there are two types of 55 year old Etype engine frames. Those you know are bad and those that you will eventually find out are bad. I got a slight break on the pricing by ordering 2 sets.

I have only unpacked one set of frames and have not mounted them yet. I have complete confidence that they will fit well and will be a nice addition to my restoration.

My two sets of engine frames came well packed in these large boxes.

Update: Today I test fitted the frames to the firewall and attached the “picture frame”. All the bolt holes lined up really well, with a minimal amount of alignment with a drift required. Etype Fabs engine frames have a good reputation for fit and finish. These were no exception. If you have ever fabricated rollcages or tubeframe chassis with welding, you will know that getting everything to stay aligned after the welds are made and have cooled down is very difficult, even when clamped in a jig. Uryk and his staff have done an amazing job. Hats off!




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