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1963 Etype Coupe

1963 FHC – Inventory


I finally had a chance to go through my boxes and see what I had, and more importantly, what I didn’t have. The short answer is that, although a lot of things are missing, I don’t see anything that is “unobtainium” that is not there. Whew! I obtained a copy of the official Etype Series 1 Spare Parts Guide and used it to prepare an Excel spreadsheet. The Spare Parts Guide is rather extensive and somewhat intimidating. Wow, there are a lot of parts in an Etype. I concentrated on the major subsytems, i.e. brakes, suspension, independent rear suspension (IRS), front suspension, and steering. Most of the major items are there. The engine and transmission are full of parts but they are effectively just one line item in my spreadsheet. The same is true for the body shell. Of course, some things like upholstery will pretty much have to be completely redone from scratch. Same for the wiring harness. I’ve got a mountain of work when I get started but there doesn’t appear to be any show stoppers!



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