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1963 Etype Coupe

1963 FHC- Finally Getting Started

I’m finally getting started with my 1963 FHC project. What? It only took me 18 years to reach this point? Well, a lot of things got in the way. The main distraction was my career in nuclear power. This took me on the road a lot! This left limited precious time for projects at home. My first Etype project was the restoration of my 1967 2+2. This took many years but I finished around 2010. Around that time the track bug bit. I started with my Etype but swiftly switched to a dedicated track car, a Porsche 944. All of this is discussed elsewhere on my webpage. For the last 2 years, I have been engaged in a Restoraton 2.0 of the 67 2+2. I am literally just finishing this up at this time. That, and my retirement, have opened up the opportunity to get started on the FHC. I learned a lot restoring the 2+2. It would have been stupid to try and do the FHC, in boxes, first. Now I am confident that I can do justice to the project. So after a major garage cleanup and reset, here we go.

Is there an assembly manual?

I moved my boxes down from the “attic”. There’s a lot more stuff up there. This is just the tip of the iceberg.



The shop cleaned up, ready for tons of new parts and pieces.

By the way, here is a shot of the Porsche 944 parts that I sent to the metal recyclers, to make shelf space for the FHC project. Painful, but if you haven’t used something in 5 years, you probably won’t. (Or you’ll find a need for it shortly after you throw it out!)



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