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1963 Etype Coupe

1963 FHC- Initial Purchase


I found this car via the want ads (remember those?) in the Charlotte Observer. The previous owner was quite interesting. He had a warehouse in Charlotte filled with 80 odd British cars. His favored mark was the Triumph. He initially told me the car was a “kit” car. I thought maybe he meant it was a fiberglass body on a VW chassis. What he meant was the car was disassembled and in boxes. A “kit” waiting to be put back together. Upon inspection, I found the body to be in primer and rust free. That alone made the purchase worthwhile to me. So I bought the car, which came in multiple parts and boxes. The only work I have done to it so far is to sand down the exterior body shell and brush on some new primer. There is absolutely no rust, which will be a welcome change.

This car was built about 2 years after the E-Type was introduced in 1961. Many consider this car, with its 3.8 litre engine, to be a more pure or raw example of the breed. As an early car, it has none of the USDOT mandated safety upgrades. The headlights are covered, the dash has toggle switches, and the knockoffs on the wire wheels have their wings. All of these items were considered too dangerous by the USDOT and were deleted starting around 1967.

We struck a deal and I purchased the car. It came home on my trailer. Much of it was in boxes. I had no chance to see if everything was there, as I wanted to jump on this deal before the seller got cold feet.





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