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Book Review – The First Beetle

The First Beetle – Resurrecting a 1938 Prototype

By Christian Grundmann, Axel Struwe, and Clauspeter Becker

Hardback, 142 pages, Delius Klasing (www.delius-klasing.de)

Finally, a book that I’m not absolutely gushing about 🙂 A solid recounting of a rather amazing find and restoration of a very early Beetle prototype.  The photography is first rate and the text solid.  I had hoped for little more in the way of education on how to deal with the details of a restoration of such a limited production car.  That said, the “team” that put together this book is clearly just the tip of the iceberg of the “team” that was involved in restoring this significant car.  It was truly an international effort and a labor of love.  This book is a very nice testimonial to those that sacrificed their sweat, time, and funds to make this amazing restoration happen.  I would buy it for no other reason than as a way to make a small payment towards this incredible effort.




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