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Book Review – Enzo Ferrari Power, Politics, and the Making of an Automotive Empire

First of all, at 953 pages, this book must meet the definition of “comprehensive”. I wasn’t really paying attention to the page count when I ordered the book from David Bull Publishing and when I got it, I had this sinking feeling that I would never find the time to read it. Boy, was I … Continue reading

Book Review – Phil Hill A Driving Life

Phil Hill was an American automobile racer and the only American-born driver to win the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship. He also scored three wins at each of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and 12 Hours of Sebring sports car races. Phil was a regular contributor to Road and Track. This book, organized by … Continue reading

Book Review – McLaren From The Inside

This coffee table book was curated by Tyler Alexander. Tyler was a founding member of Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd. in 1964 and only recently retired from the organization. The book is largely composed of photos taken by Tyler, with minimal text to annotate them. The images are from two very different eras. Part 1 … Continue reading

Book Review – Kussmaul Chronicles

Kussmaul Chronicles By Craig Watkins with forward by Walter Rohrl Published by Smart Racing Products, 432 pages, hardbound, outstanding print quality! I can’t remember where I found a recommendation to purchase and read this book but I am very glad I did! The format is very intriguing. The author, Craig Watkins, an accomplished racer and … Continue reading

Book Review – Porsche 917 Owners Workshop Manual

Porsche 917 Owners Workshop Manual Haynes Publishing 2015 151 pages Hardback The venerable Haynes Publishing Company, which has produced literally thousands of workshop manuals over the years for every car imaginable, has come up with a clever offshoot. They are generating Owners Workshop Manuals for very exotic, basically unobtainable cars. In this case, the Porsche … Continue reading

Book Review – The First Beetle

The First Beetle – Resurrecting a 1938 Prototype By Christian Grundmann, Axel Struwe, and Clauspeter Becker Hardback, 142 pages, Delius Klasing (www.delius-klasing.de) Finally, a book that I’m not absolutely gushing about 🙂 A solid recounting of a rather amazing find and restoration of a very early Beetle prototype.  The photography is first rate and the … Continue reading

Book Review – Tyler Alexander A Life and Times with McLaren

Tyler Alexander – A Life and Times with McLaren By Tyler Alexander Hardback, 441 Pages, David Bull Publishing First of all, David Bull does such a nice job!  They are really top shelf with impeccable writing and gorgeous photographs.  I have never been disappointed with a David Bull publication and this one is no exception. … Continue reading

Book Review – Smokey Yunick, Walkin’ Under a Snake’s Belly

Best Damn Garage in Town Vol 1 Walkin’ Under a Snake’s Belly By Smokey Yunick Paperback, 342 pages Carbon Press LC Wow! What a guy Smokey was!  I had no idea.  This is volume 1 of a 3 volume set.  It is subtitled “My So Called Life”.  And that is pretty much what you get.  … Continue reading

Book Review – Equations of Motion

EQUATIONS OF MOTION Adventure, Risk, and Innovation An Engineering Autobiography by William F. Milliken Bentley Publishers Paperback, 685 pages Wow, what a story!  Bill Milliken packed enough into his life for 3 men.  This book is part history, part textbook, and part true life adventure story.  I can’t do a better job of describing Milliken’s … Continue reading

Book Review – Jaguar E-Type 6 & 12 Cylinder Restoration Guide

Jaguar E-Type 6 & 12 Cylinder Restoration Guide By Dr. Thomas F. Haddock Motorbooks International Paperback, 256 Pages After seeing this book being referenced time and again on E-Type forums, I realized it must be an important addition to the reference materials for anyone interested in a serious E-Type restoration or judging.  I was not … Continue reading

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