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Porsche 944 Track Car

Porsche Track Car Part 17 – Cage

As I purchased it, the Porsche 944 track car had a roll bar.  I decided I wanted the added security of a full cage.  This would also allow me to be legal for more competitive events.

A well known and respected fabricator of cages in my area is Chris Schimmel.  His fabrication business is Competition Cages, in Hillsborough, NC.

It turns out that Chris had installed the original rollbar.  He was more than happy to complete the job.  We decided to go with NASCAR door bars.  These basically bow outward into the door cavity, providing more side impact strength.  I also went with a bar across just under the dash, which is not required by SCCA or NASA but I felt it would keep me and the engine separate from each other, God forbid!

I am very pleased with Chris’ work. Now I need to apply some paint.

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