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Porsche 944 Track Car

Porsche Track Car Part 16 – A Weekend at VIR

So finally it was time for some TRACK TIME!

For my first event, I selected something low key.  I signed up for a 1 day event at Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP).  This event is sponsored by their in-house DE and solo track event organization, Turn One.  This event was on a Wednesday so I played hooky from work and spent the day checking my car out.  All went well.  I subsequently signed up for a Turn One event 10 days later.  This was a Saturday/Sunday event.  Again, all went well.  BTW, the Wednesday event was a great value as they only had 2 run groups so I got in six 1/2 hour sessions that day.  The weekend event was more like a traditional DE, with 4 run groups and four 1/2 sessions per day.  CMP is a great course.  Check it out if you can.

What I was really looking forward to was a Tar Heel Sports Car Club (THSCC) event at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) in early September.  This was a 3 day (Fri-Sat-Sun) event on the full course at VIR.  Although I have had my E-Type out on the North Course several times, this would be my first time on the full course.  I will note that the THSCC puts on a first rate DE event.

The event at VIR was just a whole lot of fun.  My instructor was great (he drove an early 911) and we really pushed me and the 944 as the weekend went on.  The 944’s neutral handling characteristics gave me great confidence.  The brakes were also outstanding.  Obviously, with a N/A car, the acceleration was not neck snapping but I am a beginner at this so I felt fine with the package I had as a learning tool.  BTW, I am running on Fuzion ZRi tires, 225 width at all 4 corners.  I think I mentioned before but the car weighed about 2350 pounds dry and front to rear weight split is almost exactly 50:50.  The springs and sway bars are very stock.

One nice thing about the VIR events is that a professional photographer comes and takes a zillion shots all weekend of all the cars.  You can buy just one photo or do what I did, which is buy a disk with every image they took that has your car in it. Following is a sample of some of my favorite shots.

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