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Porsche 944 Track Car

Porsche Track Car Part 23 – Road Atlanta

Now that I am living in Chattanooga, all of a sudden Road Atlanta and Barber are the closest track venues.  Oh gee, how to choose?  Let’s do both in back to back weekends!

Yes, I was back at Road Atlanta last weekend with Chin Motorsports.  Feeling kinda like the tortoise in a room full of hares.  There were 1/2 a dozen Ferrari’s there.  3 or 4 pro drivers from Grand Am.  2 Nisson NSXs.  An Audi R8.  Multiple Porsche GT3’s.  Multiple Caymans.  Multiple Corvettes. Various open wheel cars.  Miata’s and Porsche 944’s with LS engines.  I was parked between a Dodge Viper and a Porsche Carrera 4S.  I think the losses in HP from their engines to the rear wheels equaled what my engine puts out!  But it was all good.  I worked with an excellent instructor in this, my 2nd time at Road Atlanta, and fine tuned my skills at this challenging track.  By the end of the weekend I was charging over the hill at the bridge and dropping into the abyss with just a wee bit of trepidation.  There’s certainly more speed to be had but it will come in smaller increments of improvement from here on.

The Porsche 944 track car held up well in the heat and grueling venue.  The long straights cost me less than a quart of oil per track day and about 15 gallons of fuel per day.  The braking zone at the end of the back straight probably exacted a toll from my brake pads but they held up well for the event.  I even did my own mini “Enduro” during the Chin Happy Hour, which was actually about 50 minutes due to brief black flag to tow in a fallen comrade.

Chin Motorsports puts on a very professional event.  Lots of track time.  Very little BS.  Worth the cost in every sense. I will be going back next month.



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