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Book Review – Norman Dewis of Jaguar

NORMAN DEWIS OF JAGUAR – Developing the Legend By Paul Skilleter with Norman Dewis Paul Skilleter Books Hardback 570 Pages   I have had the great pleasure of reading the story of Norman Dewis’s legendary work with Jaguar. This incredible book runs over 550 pages and covers the life and times of Norman Dewis from … Continue reading

Dick Maury and Coventry West

I had a chance a few weeks back to be driving to the Atlanta airport to meet family members so I decided to leave early and drop by to see Dick Maury at Coventry West.  Many of you know Dick Maury as the past President of the JCNA.  Dick is also the manager of the … Continue reading

Remembering Jim Morton

I met Jim Morton through my association with the Carolina Jaguar Club.  I came to find that Jim had been a fan of Jaguars for years.  I joined the club in the early “aughts” when I acquired my first E-Type.  It is my unwritten rule for clubs that if you don’t volunteer for a job … Continue reading

AmyMarie and Roy Track Their Jaguar XKR

Recently I had the good fortune to attend a track event at Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham, Alabama. This is the 3rd time I’ve been to Barber and I love the venue. Barber is very “technical” as it was originally designed to challenge motorcyclists. It has a number of turns without any really long straights. … Continue reading

The Gibsons – A 944 Family Affair

I add the good fortune of attending a track event with Chin Motorsports at Road Atlanta this fall.  I was of course there with my Porsche 944 track car.  I always keep an eye out for other 944s that show up for these events.  My attention was drawn to 3 nicely prepared 944s parked just … Continue reading

John Farrell

Recently I had a chance to visit John Farrell Auto Parts at his shop on Long Island, NY.  I have known of John for many years as a go to source for hard to find parts for the Jaguar E-Type.  What I found there in his shop is both fascinating and a tribute to a … Continue reading

The Introduction of the Jaguar E-Type in 1961 – Remembered, as told by David Littlefield, Wayne Phears, and Eddie Cole

The Introduction of the Jaguar E-Type in 1961 – Remembered By Harvey Ferris 50 years ago, on March 15th, 1961 the Jaguar E-Type has its European launch in Geneva, Switzerland.  Two weeks later on April 1st, 1961, Jaguar unveiled the E-Type for the first time in the United States at New York’s Fifth International Automobile … Continue reading

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