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UK Tour!

I am excited to announce that my wife Kelli and I have managed to carve out some time this summer for an extended vacation (extended by our standards at least!).  We have decided to spend 3 weeks in the UK. Week 1 We are now a week into our trip. We initially flew from NC … Continue reading

Rennsport Reunion V – Amazing!

I attended the Rennsport Reunion V at Laguna Seca last weekend.  What an amazing event! I was there for 2 1/2 days and wasn’t able to see everything.  But what I did see was great. This event is part vintage race, part car show, part museum display, part history lesson, and part marketing onslaught. The … Continue reading

Rennsport Reunion Here I Come!

The Porsche Rennsport Reunion is happening this coming weekend and I’m going! I’m pumped. This is my first time for a RR and I am definitely looking forward to it.  With no disrespect to my fellow Jaguar aficionados, Porsche has a lot to offer when it comes to vintage events.  They have performed at the … Continue reading

Epoxy Floors in the New Hill Garage

So about 1 1/2 years ago (~2013), I treated myself and the floors in the New Hill Garage to an epoxy coating.  This past weekend I did a wash job on the floor, which got me to thinking about these floors.  Here are some random thoughts: I decided at the time to not use the … Continue reading

John Farrell

Recently I had a chance to visit John Farrell Auto Parts at his shop on Long Island, NY.  I have known of John for many years as a go to source for hard to find parts for the Jaguar E-Type.  What I found there in his shop is both fascinating and a tribute to a … Continue reading

The Mitty

My first time at The Mitty at Road Atlanta.  All I can say is “Wow! What a Car Show.” Go if you can!  It was my first trip to the Mitty, due to a fortunate confluence of geographic coincidence that placed me just an hour and a half up the road.  It was fantastic.  First … Continue reading

New Hill Garage Makeover

Winter is almost over here in NC.  The New Hill Garage is emerging from winter better than ever, due to it’s Makeover.  I had originally treated the new concrete floor with an acrylic sealant by Cure N Seal.  It did a pretty good job but had one fatal flaw.  It could not hold up when … Continue reading

Porsche by Design Exhibit

I am fortunate to live pretty close to the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh.  Last weekend I went to see the Porsche By Design exhibit being held there.  It was fantastic!  By all means, go if you get a chance.  Our collective attendance at events like these will hopefully encourage museums everywhere to … Continue reading

Data Collection – Getting Started

As you gain experience in your track driving, you will undoubtedly ask “How can I go faster?”  Sure, you can track lap times and initially you will see big improvements.  But at some point, you’ll find that your lap times hit a plateau.  What should you do next?  One answer might be professional coaching.  And … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car – Tech Inspection

I had some mechanical problems with my track car in the early days which, had they not been caught, might have been deadly on the track.  My wake up call was the event where the rear drive shaft bolts came loose and I lost the connection of the CV joint to the rear hub.  This … Continue reading

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