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2007 Porsche Cayman S

Cayman Road Trip – Washington Loop

As discussed in my article for Leg 1 of my trip, my plan included meeting my wife at my son’s house in Seattle and embarking on a joint venture to visit her relatives in Washington State. She was raised in the north central part of the state, in the vicinity of what are now the popular tourist towns of Winthrop and Twisp. Her father was a lumberjack and cattle rancher in her youth. She has multiple stories about growing up on a ranch. My standard comeback, being raised in suburbia, is “Did I tell you about the time the chain came off my bicycle?”

Our roughly triangular route was from Seattle to Kennewick to Winthrop.

Highlights of the trip included going over the North Cascades Hwy, getting absolutely hammered by rain in Snoqualmie Pass, snow capped peaks visible in all directions, and getting yelled out by my wife for driving too aggressively. Anyway, it was a pleasant trip and the car behaved well. Oh, there is tire noise. And there is Cayman tire noise. And then there is Cayman tire noise on Washington’s grooved and rough roads. Pretty much unbearable at times but the nature of the beast.

One interesting anecdote. I drive around with the small info display set to Remaining Miles to empty. For instance, after visiting Paul in CO I was down to about 25 miles, which was cutting it tight. At some point, out in the Columbia Basin, I noticed it was stuck on 300. Then it went up to 305. Finally, it settled down to 275. I have to assume the number displayed uses input from the fuel level sensor in the tank and that the especially curvy set of roads I was following caused the fuel level to surge and confuse the readout. Weird!

Near the end of my stay in Seattle, my son took me to visit Franklin Falls, which is near Snoqualmie Pass. With the cool spring, there was still plenty of water flow.



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