2007 Porsche Cayman S

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2007 Cayman S – Door Locks

When I recently purchased my new to me 2007 Cayman S, it only came with one key. Key as in a traditional metal blade cut with custom grooves attached to a triangular plastic piece with 3 buttons. One button to operate the doors, one for the frunk and one for the rear hatch. Pretty standard … Continue reading

2007 Porsche Cayman S – Brake Job

I have entered my Cayman S for a track event at VIR the second weekend in September. I’ve been driving it a fair amount around town and everything seems to be in good shape, generally. But I knew from the pre-purchase inspection that the tires were tired (pun alert) and the brake pads were thin. … Continue reading

My Next Adventure – Porsche Cayman S

Over the last weeks, I have been moving towards the purchase of a new track car. I was talking to my dear wife about how it would be nice to move into a track car that wasn’t quite as hard core as my 944. No NASCAR style cage to climb through. More power. Air conditioning! … Continue reading

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