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1963 Etype Coupe

1963 Etype FHC – Summer Break

I haven’t posted in a while. That is mainly due to a summer break from working in the shop. My 3 adult children, their spouses, and 6 grandkids were here over the month of July. That was great fun and I promised my wife to stay out of the shop and enjoy the family. Which I did!

As a result, there was little progress on the 63 FHC. One thing that did happen in July is that I received a backordered clutch pedal return spring from SNG, which allowed me to complete the brake and clutch assembly on the firewall. That thing has a million pieces or so it seems. I was able to follow the exploded diagram in the Spare Parts Catalogue, with some input from pictures on-line and advice from my friend John Carey. It is done now and up “on the shelf” ready to install on the firewall after I get painting done. Here are some pictures.



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