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1963 Etype Coupe

1963 FHC – Fire up the Rotiserrie!

I put the body shell on my rotiserrie today. What! Did you think I was roasting chickens?

I have a rotiserrie left over from my 67 2+2 restoration. It is made up from engine stands. The main advantage of engine stands is that they provide a stable base and have a built in connection that allows rotation. The main drawback of engine stands is that they aren’t high enough to allow complete rotation of the car. You may be able to see from the pictures that I scabbed in a piece to make them taller. The last time I used them, I attached at the license plate area in the rear and at the engine frame connection in the front. I found out too late that the using the engine frame connection in the front didn’t place the post of the stand far enough away from the firewall and the stand fouled on the sill extensions and limited the amount of rotation available. This time I mounted my engine frames and attached to them. Now the car can rotate freely. Using the license plate frame and the engine frames, the car wants to spin to its upside down position but not so much that I can’t also spin it right side up. The engine stands have a series of holes where you can insert a pin which basically allows you to spin and hold the car in 45 degree increments.

The main reason I got the car on the rotisserrie is that the mobile media blast guy is coming tomorrow. This will make his life a lot simpler. He gave me an estimate of $1800 based on pictures. I’m sure the price goes up if he spends extra time due to poor access. The rotiserrie should help him out immensely. It will also help me when it comes time to weld in sheet metal repair panels and to paint. I also spent some time today going through the interior and removing various bolted items to allow the blaster to get to the primary sheet metal where possible. Tomorrow should be a fun day!



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