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Porsche 944 Parts for Sale

I’m cleaning out my shop and that includes a lot of Porsche 944 parts that I have accumulated. Unless noted otherwise, they come from 1984/1985 vintage cars. I’ve priced a few at what I think is market value and most just enough to make it worth my while. If you see something that isn’t selling, make me an offer. Leftovers are destined for the metal recycle bin. You pay the shippping from here in North Carolina.

The following parts are from a 1987 944 turbo engine that I bought from a lister in Charlotte. The engine had scoring on one of the cylinder walls. I tore it all the way down, had the block sleeved, and it is the basis for my 944 track car build. I installed new rods and pistons. The OEM ones are for sale. The turbo pistons don’t seem to have part numbers on them but based on on the serial number on the block, the engine was from a 1987 car.

You can contact me by sending an email to harvey.ferris@gmail.com

  1. Turbo pistons with pins- no scuffing or damage noted – $50  SOLD

2. Turbo connecting rods- P/N 944.103.110.0RARST -$100  SOLD

3. Turbo valves – $75   SOLD

4. Turbo springs – $50 SOLD

That’s it for the Turbo parts. The following parts are from the N/A engine:

5. Pistons and rods – Rods are P/N 944.103.1010.3RARST -$50

6. Valves and springs – $25

7. No Good DME- Use it for your hidden Megasquirt build. I’ll throw in the female connector. – $10  SOLD

8. Steering Wheel – $20

9. Air/Oil Separator – $10

10. Housing at the end of the camshaft, fixture to hold the speed and reference sensor, fast throttle cam: $10 each THROTTLE CAM SOLD

11. Fuel rail damper and pressure regulator- note: new ones are getting hard to find – $20 SOLD

12. Fuel rail with injectors, dampers, pressure regulator- I have 2 – $30 each SOLD

13. 3 gauges – $15

14. Sunroof seal-  $50  SOLD

15a. Spacers- two at 1″ and two at 2″. $100 These will basically let you run Boxster wheels on early offset 944s, which is what I did on my track car in early days. The big drawback is that the 2″ spacers are such that the attaching nuts are inaccesible once the road wheel is attached, making it a hassle to check the torque on those nuts at the end of the track day. I used them for one season and then went back to stock 15″ Phone Dials and Fuchs.

15b. I still have the Boxster wheels. Make me an offer. Shipping might have to be by truck freight but that is more economical than you might suspect, if I arrange the freight. Typically like $150 on the East coast if I drop them off at the freight depot and you pick them up at your freight depot.

16. Last but not least- Aluminum lugnuts- I have enough for at least 2 cars. – $0.25 each. I don’t use them on my track car, I use the steel ones. I’M GETTING LOW ON LUGNUTS.



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