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Book Review

Book Review – Inspired to Design

Inspired to Design

By Nigel Bennett

Veloce Books

176 pages Hardback

Inspired to Design is an autobiography penned by Nigel Bennett.  I have to admit that I didn’t really know who Nigel Bennett was before I read this book.  But in the promo when I saw that he was a Race Engineer and race car designer from the 60’s well into the 90’s with stints with Firestone, Hesketh Racing, Lotus, Lola Cars, finishing up as Penske Car’s Chief Designer, I knew I had to buy and read this book.  Wow, what a career! Let’s just say I an extremely jealous of Nigel.  Indeed, he worked hard, sacrificed a normal family life, and was more than once in the right spot at the right time.  Nevertheless, his skill and talent led him to a very successful career.

Quoting from the forward by Rick Mears “Besides Roger Penske, I have never met a man who paid so much attention to detail as Nigel.  It’s what made him so good as a car engineer and designer, and it’s what helps make this book such a good read.  Nigel is terrific at getting all the little details right. In the following pages he does a great job communicating what led him down the different paths he has taken in life.  The way he illustrates the technical side of racing and the knowledge he has accumulated over the years makes this book fascinating for the race fan in all of us.  I hope you enjoy reading about Nigel’s journey and how he reached new heights and excelled at the highest levels of motor sports competition.  It’s a great story and I’m proud to have played a small par in it.”

I agree with Rick.  Nigel’s story is very interesting, technical without being over your head, and full of little nuggets you can’t get from reading magazines or websites.  Except mine of course 🙂  The book is also chock full of great period photographs of cars, tracks, and racing personalities. All printed in a high quality manner by Veloce.  Buy this book.  You won’t be disappointed!

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