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Harvey’s Half Lap of America

The post title is a play on the One Lap of America event that takes place each year. Basically, One Lap hits as many road courses as possible in one week. It is pretty intense. As an exercise in Bucket List Fullfillment, I have decided to take a more relaxed approach, but still pretty intense … Continue reading

Paint Booth Upgrade

I’m getting ready to paint E-Types. My garage space that I plan to use for painting was a little bit of a mess. I decided it was time to bring the paint booth into good condition. The paint booth had stuff in it that was just collecting dust. And the sheetrock had a layer of … Continue reading

New Hill Garage Makeover

Winter is almost over here in NC.  The New Hill Garage is emerging from winter better than ever, due to it’s Makeover.  I had originally treated the new concrete floor with an acrylic sealant by Cure N Seal.  It did a pretty good job but had one fatal flaw.  It could not hold up when … Continue reading

Data Collection – Getting Started

As you gain experience in your track driving, you will undoubtedly ask “How can I go faster?”  Sure, you can track lap times and initially you will see big improvements.  But at some point, you’ll find that your lap times hit a plateau.  What should you do next?  One answer might be professional coaching.  And … Continue reading

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