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Paint Booth Upgrade

I’m getting ready to paint E-Types. My garage space that I plan to use for painting was a little bit of a mess. I decided it was time to bring the paint booth into good condition. The paint booth had stuff in it that was just collecting dust. And the sheetrock had a layer of … Continue reading

New Hill Garage Makeover

Winter is almost over here in NC.  The New Hill Garage is emerging from winter better than ever, due to it’s Makeover.  I had originally treated the new concrete floor with an acrylic sealant by Cure N Seal.  It did a pretty good job but had one fatal flaw.  It could not hold up when … Continue reading

Data Collection – Getting Started

As you gain experience in your track driving, you will undoubtedly ask “How can I go faster?”  Sure, you can track lap times and initially you will see big improvements.  But at some point, you’ll find that your lap times hit a plateau.  What should you do next?  One answer might be professional coaching.  And … Continue reading

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