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Dr. Thomas Haddock

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Tom Haddock this week. He was at the Coventry Foundation in Columbia, SC to do some research. I feel mildly guilty as I think he was distracted by fan boys like me but he was very gracious in talking with me. Dr. Haddock is the co-author of the seminal text Jaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Originality Guide. He co-authored this book with Dr. Michael Mueller. This book runs in excess of 500 pages and covers a lot of territory regarding documentation of originality of the six-cylinder Jaguars, basically the Series 1 and 2 cars. The book is published by Dalton Watson Fine Books and as of this post, is still available for sale.

I have several “go to” resources as I restore my 1963 FHC. The primary ones are the Spare Parts Catalog and the JCNA Authenticity Guide for Series 1 E-Types. But a week doesn’t go by when I am referring to my Haddock/Mueller book to answer some question that has come up. Also, as mentioned in my Originality post, it is a primary reference to the JCNA Concours Judging Guide for E-Types.

So it was great to meet Dr. Haddock, especially at the Coventry Foundation, where there are so many interesting items available for review and purchase. Now all I need to do is to get a chance to meet Dr. Mueller!



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