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Some Assembly Required – So Many Parts

After completing paint work on my 1963 Etype FHC restoration, I moved the body shell into a different garage for “mechanical assembly”. Basically, the rest of the restoration will occur in this garage, where I have it on a lift. In addition to the major components remaining to be installed, i.e. the engine, transmission, driveshaft, … Continue reading


Some Assembly Required – Engine Rebuild

As I noted in a previous article, I had sent the engine for my 1963 E-Type FHC to Dick Maury at Coventry West for a rebuild. I also sent a transmission and clutch to be rebuilt and assembled on the engine. Dick notified me in June that the work was complete. I drove down to … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – Authenticity/Originality

Wow, I really am thinking I should tackle a less controversial subject, like religion or politics! But here goes. Trust me, this won’t be a definitive answer to this subject but I hope to at least provide some food for thought, so to speak. By the way, let’s say that Authenticity and Originality are basically … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – IRS

A recent milestone for the restoration of the 1963 E-Type FHC is the completion of the independent rear suspension aka the IRS. The IRS on the E-type was an improvement over the solid axle design of the XK-120/140/150 series cars. It is “independent” in the sense that each wheel can respond to suspension movements independently … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – Article 11 – Reliability

Many folks, when they are thinking about the restoration of a car, think about both improving theappearance of their car for sure and maybe the reliability. How much emphasis you place on eithercategory of course depends a lot on the starting point you are working from. In the case of my SomeAssembly Required car, this … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – Part 9

When I left off in Part 8, we talked about getting ready for paint. Unfortunately, I continue to draw closer to being able to spray actual color but I am not there yet. This is discouraging but also explains why top quality paint jobs cost so much. In my case, to tell a little story … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – Part 10

PLANNING AHEAD It is a necessary fact of the times that we live in that you need to plan ahead for certain restoration activities and purchases. Just like you probably don’t stop at a restaurant with few cars in the parking lot, if you obtain the services of a restoration specialist, the good ones will … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – Part 6

When I left off in Part 5, we talked about having the body shell and various body panels media blasted and promptly sealed with epoxy primer. Which leaves me to the long and laborious topic of body work and paint. First of all, my reading has established that the E-Type bodies were fabricated, mainly by … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – Part 8

When I left off in Part 7, we talked about bare metal paint jobs. In my case, I had found that the bonnet center section needed to be replaced with an aftermarket product. My efforts in this regard will be instructive to describe how this process may go for you or your body man. Areas … Continue reading

Some Assembly Required – Part 7

When I left off in Part 6, we talked about options for improving your cars paint without breaking the bank. Now, unfortunately, we have to talk about breaking the bank. Probably one of the most iconic terms you will read regarding a restoration is that the car received a “bare metal” paint job. You may … Continue reading

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