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It’s Done!

As they say, all good things must come to an end.  And thus, the good thing that has been my multi-year restoration of a 1967 Jaguar E-Type has come to an end.  As close to the end as these things can come.  Like stepping half way to a wall, you really can never quite get … Continue reading

Restoration Article 50 – Chrome Bumpers and Other Shiny Bits

Chrome Bumpers and Other Shiny Bits I have turned my attention to chrome bumpers and other shiny bits for the 1967 E-Type 2+2 restoration project.  This is a phase of the project that I have put off for a while, as it is not cheap to implement.  I took stock of the car and came … Continue reading

Article 48.1 Upholstery of Seats

Upholstery of Seats As I have pointed out in previous posts, I did not upholster my seats.  Indeed, I did take a swing at it but was frustrated at the results.  Since I was working in central California at the time, I dropped everything off at XKs Unlimited, where they did a very nice job … Continue reading

Article 49 – Upholstery of Center Console

Article 49 – Upholstery of the Center Console and Arm Rest In my last installment regarding the restoration of my 1967 E-Type, I discussed installation of carpet and other coverings along the floors and sides of the footwells. This month I’ll discuss upholstery work on the center console and arm rest. Before I applied any … Continue reading

Article 48 – Carpet Installation

Article 48 – Carpet Installation I have fallen into a bit of lull with the restoration of the 1967 E-Type 2+2 over the last months, what with Concours duties and the call to the race track with my Porsche 944. But this fall I have finally gotten back into work on the interior. Following is … Continue reading

Restoration Resources

RESTORATION RESOURCES This month I’d like to talk about restoration resources. My mother-in-law was telling me the other day that she had struck up a conversation with a man who owned Jaguars. She of course mentioned to him that her son-in-law owned several of these fine cars. One of his questions was where did I … Continue reading

47: Odds and Ends

Article 49 Odds and Ends The restoration of the Jaguar E-Type 2+2 over the last few months has occurred sporadically, with various odds and ends taken care of. Isn’t it oh so “odd” that this restoration never seems to “end”! One item that I dealt with was a resistance to the steering effort as I … Continue reading

46: Windshield Installation – Again!

Windshield Installation I’ve reached that annoying phase in the restoration of the 1967 E-Type 2+2 where I’m finding things that I need to do over. Maybe I hurried through it the first time and did a poor job or maybe things are not holding up to the rigors of actually using the car. Case in … Continue reading

Restoration Respite

Restoration of a Jaguar E-Type – A Respite Last month was a watershed moment for my E-Type restoration project. I took the car to the CJC concours event in Little Switzerland. I decided not to enter it to be judged, as there are so many incomplete or missing items that the judges would have needed … Continue reading

45: Upholstery Part 2

Article 47 Upholstery Part 2 I’m still working on the upholstery. I really want to go fast and finish. I also really want to go slow and have zero mistakes. What a conundrum! The mistakes that I have made so far have caused me to go the slow route from here on. In the last … Continue reading

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