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Porsche Track Car – VIR September 2015

I made a conscious effort to skip track days this summer, due to a number of other commitments and also getting a little tired of track days in very hot weather.  I signed up for an event last weekend with the Tar Heel Sports Car Club (THSCC).  I have run with them since the beginning … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car – 2015 Track Season Prep

I’ve fallen way behind on my posting.  Here’s to trying to catch up! In January and February I concentrated on getting the orange Porsche 944 track car ready for its 2015 track season.  In my previous post I discussed changing out the rod bearings.  There were of course a number of other things that I … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car – Rod Bearing Replacement

The top item on my To Do List for the winter break from track events was to replace the rod bearings.  I (and many others) have discussed how the #2 rod bearing on the 944 engine seems to be particularly prone to failure.  (See 944 Oiling System Explained).  These particular bearings have been in the … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car- Transaxle Replacement

Well, after 5 years of faithful service, the transaxle in the Porsche 944 track car gave up the ghost.  I was at a DE event.  Saturday was no problem.  Sunday morning first time on track I started to hear a whine.  After about 15 minutes it was sounding serious.  I pulled into the pits and … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car – Road Atlanta May 2014

I had the pleasure of another great weekend with the Porsche 944 track car at Road Atlanta last weekend.  It was another Chin Motorsports event, which I have come to prefer due to the large amount of track time on offer.  My hour meter ticked off just shy of 6 hours of track time for … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car – Road Atlanta April 2014

My work has taken me to a temporary residence in the “upstate” area of South Carolina. I drive by the enormous BMW factory on my way home back to New Hill.   Even better is that I’m now only 1 1/2 hours from the fabled Road Atlanta road course.  So I signed up for the … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car – VIR March 2014

Last weekend was my first DE event for 2014 at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) with Chin Motorsports.  Very interesting event on several levels. First, my wife woke me up at 1 am Friday night (that would actually be Saturday morning!) to tell me not to rush out the door as an ice storm had occurred … Continue reading

Porsche Track Car – Winter Maintenance

I’ve been pretty busy with the New Hill Garage Makeover. But time is running out on my first spring track date with Chin Motorsports at VIR in early March, so I’ve begun to deal with a few issues on the track car.  A nagging issue has been a fuel leak out of the vent piping … Continue reading

Orange Porsche Track Car – 2013 Season Wrap-Up

My DE season came to a successful close last weekend with a 2 day event at VIR on the full course.  This marked by 50th track day since I began 4 years ago! The event was put on by the Carolina’s chapter of PCA.  It was very well run and organized.  Saturday morning started out … Continue reading

Data Collection – Getting Started

As you gain experience in your track driving, you will undoubtedly ask “How can I go faster?”  Sure, you can track lap times and initially you will see big improvements.  But at some point, you’ll find that your lap times hit a plateau.  What should you do next?  One answer might be professional coaching.  And … Continue reading

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